Four GOP Governors Want Senate to Delay Kavanaugh Vote

Four GOP Governors Want Senate to Delay Kavanaugh Vote

Democrats have rallied strongly behind Ms Ford. He was also caught on tape in 2005 boasting of grabbing women by their genitals and kissing them without permission.

The boys' laughter was "indelible in the hippocampus", she said.

Kavanaugh testified after Ford finished her appearance, claiming he was the victim of "grotesque and obvious character assassination" orchestrated by Senate Democrats.

At another, she said when asked about her emotional state: "I think that's a great question".

Passed on: Christine Blasey Ford said she allowed Anna Eshoo's office to forward the letter and a request for confidentiality to Sen.

She says she was convinced Kavanaugh was going to rape her, and feared he might accidentally kill her when he covered her mouth to stifle her screams. A Kavanaugh friend stood by and they both laughed uproariously during the incident, she testified.

Later, she told Senator Dick Durbin that her certainty was "100%". But as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to move forward and the media closed in around her, Ford stepped forward.

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Ford said that though they went to different high schools, she had been friendly with a classmate of Kavanaugh's and attended a number of parties that the future judge also attended.

But under the committee's procedures, the career prosecutor was limited to five minutes at a time, interspersed between Democrats' questions, creating a choppy effect as she tried piecing together the story.

Democrats on the committee, meanwhile, complained bitterly about the majority's unwillingness to have an FBI investigation and accused Republicans of rushing the confirmation.

We all know why: Kavanaugh does not want the one person Ford claims was in the room during the sexual assault - the one person who probably knows the most about Kavanaugh's general conduct at the time, which Kavanaugh has falsified with his choirboy routine - to face serious questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or cross examination by Judiciary Committee Senators.

And on Wednesday, a woman represented by Mr Avenatti - who shot to fame as the lawyer taking on the president for porn actress Stormy Daniels - made another accusation of misconduct. On Twitter, Trump himself described Democrats' efforts to scupper Kavanaugh's nomination as a "con job" created to ruin a good man. Trump also blasted Avenatti personally on Twitter, calling him a "third rate lawyer" who makes "false accusations" and is "looking for attention".

Once Flake's vote became public, he was cornered for several by enraged protesters in the Senate elevator in an extraordinary scene captured on live television. The group of four is seen as the key to Kavanaugh winning confirmation, or failing to land a seat on the Supreme Court. The hearing marked the first time Ford had spoken publicly about her accusation, which could derail the confirmation, redefine the "Me Too" era and affect the fight for control of Congress in the November 6 election.

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