Kavanaugh’s interruptions of Democratic senators in hearing draw ire and support

Kavanaugh’s interruptions of Democratic senators in hearing draw ire and support

Asked how he will vote, Flake says, "let me process it".

In the hours after the hearing Thursday, one previously undecided Republican came out in support of Kavanaugh.

'I need to go to the hearing, ' he responded.

Flake looked away as the woman began to cry, prompting her to yell, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Mitchell will join in and ask questions of Kavanaugh as well.

Kavanaugh himself has explicitly said he is not questioning whether Ford had been attacked "by someone, at some point".

"I want to thank you for your courage". He told Kavanaugh that he hopes the nominee ends up on the Supreme Court, saying, "that's exactly where you should be".

As the committee continued meeting, House Democrats who were in the hearing room stood and walked out as well. "God bless him", Sanders tweeted.

Facts of the case aside, the psychology professor's comments before lawmakers in Washington square with what we know about how traumatic memories can be seared into the brains of sexual assault victims. "I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes", he said. I just issued a statement.

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Trump missed hardly a moment of the proceedings, relying on DVRs to keep up on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing from his private office on Air Force One as he traveled from NY to Washington, and continued monitoring back at the White House, where Ford's voice echoed from TVs around the building. Kavanaugh testified later on Thursday afternoon.

Democrats lauded Ford's testimony as credible, fearless and, in the words of Sen. Manchin was among a handful of Democrats from red and purple states that Kavanaugh supporters were targeting as possible votes. "And I believe many Americans across the country believe you", Democratic Sen.

Trump put Kavanaugh on notice, calling a rare press conference the afternoon before today's hearing to say he would watch and left open the option of being convinced by Ford, while continuing to call allegations against Kavanaugh "a big fat lie".

It is not clear if the Republicans will have enough votes for their nominee after the impassioned testimony Thursday when Kavanaugh angrily denied a charge of sexually assaulting Ford at a party in 1982 when they were teenagers.

President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Senator Patrick Leahy pointed to Kavanaugh's high school yearbook page and its jokes about heavy drinking and sex.

Trump has also told allies that he wished Kavanaugh's Fox News interview Monday had gone better, believing it was a missed opportunity to change the momentum around the story, according to the two Republicans and another outside adviser.

She has said her mind is not yet made up on Kavanaugh. "Because they tell us the month, barely the year, so this is all delay?"

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