Alec Baldwin roasts Kanye West's Trump meeting on 'SNL'

Alec Baldwin roasts Kanye West's Trump meeting on 'SNL'

"He doesn't stop. He doesn't listen to anyone but himself".

The videos come after a surprising chain of events from the Life of Pablo rapper, including his recent visit to the White House to meet with President Trump.

There were some aspects of West that made Trump feel "better", though, specifically the fact that he uses six zeroes as his phone passcode, while Baldwin's Trump said he uses "80085 - boobs". "Who does he remind me of?" Once the embattled rap star started arguing for the abolition of the 13th Amendment to stop the Unibomber and trap doors, though, NotTrump started recognizing how freakish this self-proclaimed "very stable genius" sounded. and how much it mirrored his own unusual public commentaries. Baldwin mused in the Trump sketch, before exclaiming, "Oh my god, he's black me!"

Of course it was only after the sketch that host Seth Meyers told the funniest bit about Kanye. "I just trust him as a person of intent". "I made a sketch about how insane it was that he interrupted speeches, and then two years later he was at an awards show and thought, 'I'm gonna do it again.' So, when people say you're surprised Kanye supports Trump, I say 'nah'".

Seth Meyers couldn't let his time hosting the October 13 episode of "Saturday Night Live" come and go without stepping back behind the "Weekend Update" desk to resurrect his "Really!?!" segment.

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"Thank you all for joining us today for this important discussion", says Baldwin in his classic Trump persona.

Azealia Banks is on Kanye West's side when it comes to the moves he's making in relation to the White House.

Chappelle, most notably known for his comedy series "Chappelle's Show", referred to West as a "genius" during Saturday's interview and said he isn't "mad" at the rapper for meeting with the president. Kid Rock was also there and no one cared.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:35 ET/8:35 PT on NBC.

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