MJ Akbar sues Ramani for defamation

MJ Akbar sues Ramani for defamation

While the BJP has kept mum, some woman ministers have lent their support to the #MeToo movement without taking a stand on the charges against Akbar.

Since then, over a dozen men from media, entertainment and the art world have been accused of offences ranging from sexual harassment to rape. Lots of women have worse stories about this predator-maybe they " ll share.

He has specifically replied to the allegations made by each women journalist.

Shuma Raha says, "I must clarify, however, that he didn't actually "do" anything". Women's NGOs had moved the Supreme Court, and eventually, in 1997, it had passed its landmark judgement in the Vishakha versus State of Rajasthan case, laying out directions for all organisations to have mechanisms in place to deal with workplace sexual harassment.

Opposition leaders as well as ministers from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have expressed solidarity with women who shared their stories of sexual harassment.

His response to being named as part of India's #MeToo movement has been full of fire and fury. "These are cooked up allegations", the 67-year-old insisted. Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale said "MJ Akbar should resign if the charges are proven".

"We can't lose this battle".

Another journalist, Shutapa Paul, recalling a 2011 incident, tweeted on Wednesday, "As I tried to dash out the door, #MJAkbar gave me a hard hug, I ducked whatever else could have followed and fled".

Ramani had published an article in Vogue India in 2017 in which she had not named Akbar. On Oct. 8, she reposted the article naming Akbar.

Akbar, who was overseas on an official trip in Nigeria when allegations were made by women journalists who had worked with him in newspapers over 15 years ago as part of the #MeToo campaign, asked whether there was an agenda in the allegations as they came ahead of general elections. By Sunday, when Akbar returned from an official visit to Nigeria, he was facing a barrage of allegations from 14 women.

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Earlier this week, MJ Akbar was accused of sexual harassment by Force magazine editor Ghazala Wahab.

"Sometimes, he would walk over to the door and put his hand over mine; sometimes he would rub his body against mine; sometimes he would push his tongue against my pursed lips; and every time I would push him away and escape from his room", Wahab wrote on the news website, the Wire.

Akbar, after returning from his Africa tour on Sunday, made it very clear that he will not bow down to any allegations of sexual harassment.

Mr Raveesh Kumar, a spokesman for the External Affairs Ministry, declined to comment because the statement was issued by Mr Akbar in his personal capacity.

Ramani said she was "deeply disappointed" that a Union minister should dismiss the allegations of several women as a political conspiracy.

"We have heard today that a defamation case has been filed against these women".

"It is created to push women back into silent compliance and will silence the voices of the many who have not yet spoken up", it said.

Akbar's criminal petition claimed that "the accused herself, while putting forward the aforementioned defamatorystatements, relating to incidents which allegedly occurred 20 years ago, simultaneously admits that the complainant has not done anything to her".

The complaint goes on to list the instances where Ramani's allegations were made public through social media and digital media.

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