Australian Government Loses Majority With Election Defeat

Australian Government Loses Majority With Election Defeat

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke to the Liberal party faithful at the InterContinental Hotel in Double Bay on Saturday night, praising their candidate Dave Sharma who he described as outstanding. Preferences from Labor, the Greens and independent Licia Heath are likely to flow overwhelmingly to Phelps.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. projections hailed Ms. Phelps as the victor after just 9 % of votes had been counted, forecasting she would gain a 57 percent share of votes on a two-party preferred basis.

On a two-candidate basis Phelps is now leading the Liberals Dave Sharma 51.1% to 48.9%.

"We will just simply wait for that normal, robust, democratic, credible process to follow its course before we are in a position to know who the successful candidate will be at that by-election", Mr Morrison he said.

"Everyone has the right now to walk into the Prime Minister's office and demand this and demand this for their seat as a blood price", she said. "We are elected to serve our term and that is what we are going to do", he said.

But she has all but ruled out helping force an early election or supporting a no-confidence motion in the government.

"As prime minister you have got to deal with things that come your way from out of the blue every single day, that is the job", he said.

On Twitter, Mr Sharma - a former ambassador to Israel - said "a vote for me would avoid the risks of a hung parliament".

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"The first order of business is to get the kids off Nauru with their families to Australia for urgent medical and psychological support", she told ABC TV on Sunday. This imperils the deeply-divided government and means that it will be dependent on support from cross-bench MPs to pass legislation in the lower house.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there were efforts to secure the help of his predecessor, according to The Australian.

What impact that gambit had was unclear, but with his parliamentary majority hanging by a thread as the count continued, Mr Morrison acknowledged that whatever the outcome, voters were clearly disillusioned with his party.

"All governments should go full term unless there are exceptional circumstances", Phelps told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday. She also expressed amazement that government senators had voted by mistake for the Pauline Hanson "It is OK to be white motion". Rather, it was an attempt by the most right-wing section of the Liberals, including former prime minister Tony Abbott and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, to install a government even more committed to the U.S. alliance and to attacking the social and democratic rights of ordinary people.

This morning, Dr Phelps revealed her campaign cost around $300,000.

Before the Wentworth upset, Morrison had indications of support from the Victorian independent Cathy McGowan and the Queensland crossbencher Bob Katter.

Her victory has prompted at least one other high-profile woman to consider running as an independent in the next general election.

The government was "all over the place" on the Middle East, she said. "I understand you're angry". "I don't buy that argument".

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