Trump says Democrats want the caravans

Trump says Democrats want the caravans

Trump has raised alarm over a group of thousands of migrants traveling through Mexico to the USA, saying, "Sadly, it looks like Mexico's Police and Military are unable to stop the Caravan".

The multitude of migrants clogged the highway leading north from the border city of Ciudad Hidalgo in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, many breaking into song.

Mexican authorities had refused to allow the caravan mass entry from Guatemala, instead accepting small groups to process asylum requests and handing out some 45-day visitor permits.

Numerous migrants, the overwhelming majority fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, slept on the bridge through heavy rain overnight, dozens of them crammed against a metal border gate guarded by Mexican police.

Thousands of Honduran migrants whose trek toward the United States has triggered a series of tirades from US President Donald Trump resumed their long march after crossing a river into Mexico.

The caravan of migrants mostly from Guatemala and Honduras bedded down Sunday night on the concrete of a town square in Mexico but awoke Monday determined to resume their arduous journey to the USA border still some 1,700 miles away.

US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen noted that her agency is monitoring the caravan while going so far as to suggest that the migrant movement can serve as a cover for transnational criminal organizations.

At one point a senior migration official standing in the back of a police pickup truck urged the migrants to register themselves with the authorities and seek legal immigration status, saying that the migrants could not cross the country without documentation.

The Associated Press reported Monday the size of the caravan has grown from about 200 people when it was first formed, to 4,000 when it entered Mexico and 7,000 as it pickup up steam through that country.

"Without a doubt, we have a lot to do so that our people can have opportunities in their communities", he said.

According to a Kaiser Foundation poll, immigration is the most important issue for 15% of all voters, though the number jumps to 25% among Republican voters.

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The caravan left San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras last week, following a call on social networks relayed by a former Honduran deputy.

Mexican authorities had tried to stop them at a border bridge between Mexico and Guatemala.

More than 300 people have taken up a government offer of a bus ride home to their country, police said.

'Democrats want America to become - it's not even they want it but that's what's going to happen - Venezuela, ' Trump said.

It's unclear exactly how many migrants were allowed to legally cross the border into Mexico, where they were taken to shelters to rest.

"The vast majority of Democrats don't want to fix this system".

It was clear though that more migrants were continuing to join the caravan. Hondurans were close behind with a 78 per cent denial rate, followed Guatemalans at 75 per cent.

"So as of this moment, I thank Mexico", Trump said Friday at an event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

More than 3,400 Hondurans migrants were returned to their home country over the weekend, according to a migrant assistance body.

Trump said "full efforts" were underway to halt the caravan's progress toward the United States.

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