Elon Musk's superfast LA underground 'loop' is coming sooner than you think

Elon Musk's superfast LA underground 'loop' is coming sooner than you think

At this speed, the platform takes less than a minute to complete the test track. While the tunnel isn't very long, it was created for the "research and development of The Boring Company's tunneling and public transportation systems".

Elon Musk says Boring Co.'s hyperloop test tunnel will open in December. The company will then offer free rides to the public the next day, he said, allowing passengers to travel as fast as 155 miles per hour.

The tunnel will open on December 10, Musk said, and will reportedly run under Hawthorne in the Los Angeles area.

While the trial tunnel injects a dose of realism to his vision of a hyperfast underground system, key questions remain.

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It is not known exactly which tweets caused Twitter to temporarily block Musk, however the social network has been stepping up its crackdown on what it believes to be "spam accounts" in recent months. It's unclear how Musk will achieve the top speeds of 760 miles (1,220 kilometers) per hour he has touted for a hyperloop tunnel, and the mode of transport that will be used there. One of the proposed routes would take passengers from the District to NY in under 30 minutes.

The Boring Company has been hard at work beneath the streets of Los Angeles, digging out a rapid transit tunnel that will help people avoid the city's notorious traffic problems.

A Tesla inside the Boring Company test tunnel. The tech tycoon seems to have agreed to the thought and replied: "That is correct".

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