South Florida man arrested in connection with suspected explosive packages

South Florida man arrested in connection with suspected explosive packages

Police have not released any information about the suspect's identity.

Authorities have found two more suspicious packages, one addressed to Democratic Senator Cory Booker and another to James Clapper, the former U.S. director of national intelligence.

A 12th package, identified by police as a pipe bomb similar to others found across the country, was found at a US Post Office in Manhattan and the bomb squad were dispatched, NY police said. They included Democratic Party donor George Soros, former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan and California Representative Maxine Waters.

FBI officers investigating the serial mail bomber found two more suspicious packages on Friday, bringing the total to 12.

These newest packages comes as authorities have intensified their hunt for a serial mail bomber who has sent packages to a string of political figures and others who have publicly criticized President Donald Trump.

Others were addressed to former President Barack Obama, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, former attorney general Eric Holder, billionaire philanthropist George Soros, two to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), and two to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Authorities already were aware at least one Biden package by Wednesday; it had been misaddressed and returned to sender, and postal officials were trying to track it down, two law enforcement sources said.

Sayoc's white van, which was seized by authorities, had numerous signs in the windows showing Trump, including a drawing depicting the president standing on top of a tank emblazoned with "Trump" on the sides. Most of these explosives are crude pipe bombs coming in a similar kind of yellow packages with a return address of Florida.

Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Christopher Wray confirmed the suspect is 56-year-old Florida resident Cesar Sayoc, as reported in major United States media outlets several hours earlier.

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Three more devices were linked to the plot Thursday - two addressed to former Vice-President Joe Biden and one to actor Robert De Niro - bringing the total to 10 in an outbreak of politically loaded menace with little if any precedent. "Inside they saw what appears to be a pipe bomb consistent with other devices we've seen this week contained in a package consistent with the packaging we've seen this week". Clapper, a frequent Trump critic, told CNN that he was not surprised he was targeted and that he considered the actions "definitely domestic terrorism".

The explosive devices were packed in envelopes with bubble-wrap interiors bearing six stamps and the return address of Florida Rep.

Sayoc was arrested at a business in Plantation, Florida, a city some 30 miles north of Miami, a source said.

New York City Police officers respond to the scene of a suspicious package at a postal facility, Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 in New York. An earlier package had been sent to former Obama CIA Director John Brennan via CNN in NY.

"I'm extremely grateful to the fearless women and men in law enforcement who swiftly apprehended this suspect and are working tirelessly to keep us safe", Wasserman Schultz said in a statement Friday. A Justice official told CNN that Sessions canceled a trip to Louisiana scheduled for Friday to ensure that all resources, such as his plane and personnel required for his travel, would be available for the ongoing investigation.

The packages stoked nationwide tensions and fears as voters prepared to vote November 6 to determine partisan control of Congress - a campaign both major political parties have described in near-apocalyptic terms.

"Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror", Brennan tweeted. Sayoc reportedly has ties to NY and that he has a criminal history. Electrical wires leading out of the pipe led to an electric timer taped to the pipe, according to law enforcement officials speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation. None detonated and no one has been hurt. He said other packages may still be in transit.

The first crude bomb to be discovered was delivered on Monday to the suburban NY compound of George Soros, a liberal billionaire and major contributor to Democratic causes.

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