Squaring Off in Florida, Candidates Trade Barbs Over Graft and Racism

Squaring Off in Florida, Candidates Trade Barbs Over Graft and Racism

In his bid to become governor, Andrew Gillum loves to talk about his vision for running the state of Florida - a socialist agenda that spells doom for the now robust economy.

The corruption scandal surrounding Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum continued to grow on Friday as newly-released documents show that an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, who posed as a developer seeking to do business with Gillum's Tallahassee government, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to support a fundraiser for Gillum's political action committee, Forward Florida.

"How the hell am I supposed to know every single statement somebody makes?" he shouted, apparently unaware of the existence of the Internet. "When I got there after work, got my ticket, we went in and saw it, assumed my brother paid for it". We had the American flag on our arm.

"We don't have a job gap in this country, we have a skills gap", Gillum said. "I think this particular race offers a very clear choice of someone [DeSantis] who has been extremely pro-Israel in Congress and who has championed pro-Israel bills as well as done everything to solidify the U.S. -Israel relationship".

During a mid-week debate, Gillum admitted taking the ticket, but said he received it from his brother and he thought his brother swapped them for concert tickets to see Jay-Z and Beyonce. Gillum said. "I felt surely somebody prepared him a little bit better than this to come on this stage and have nothing to say about what he wants to do for the people of the state of Florida". He has spoken at racist conferences.

"Well hello there. I is the negro Andrew Gillum and I'll be askin" you to make me governor of this here state of Florida, ' the voice on the call says. "I'm for police accountability, but law enforcement society can not work and, quite frankly, law enforcement can not do its job if it does not have a trusting relationship with the community", Gillum said.

Gillum was referring to a tweet by Florida businessman Steven Alembik, who also is known for calling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a "senile fool" who "can't die soon enough". The commission has been investigating a complaint brought against Gillum related to trips he took to Costa Rica and New York City.

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Clock it: Ron DeSantis has been declared a racist by Democrats less than 12 hours after winning his primary election for saying Monkey this up.

"I met him for the first time the other night and then all of a sudden, without invitation, he was calling me only as Andrew", Gillum told students Thursday during a campaign event at the Florida Memorial University's Miami Gardens campus, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

"The congressman let us know exactly where he was going to take this race the day after he won the nomination".

Gillum, who is black, and his supporters have made racism a major theme of the Democrat's campaign. "And he has only continued in the course of his campaign to draw all the attention he can to the color of my skin".

Gillum has been the subject of explicitly racist robocalls, though, that were paid for by a white supremacist group operating out of Idaho. I wanted to correct him, y'all, but I didn't want to be petty.

Alongside the racial politics in the gubernatorial race are ethical questions, particularly as they pertain to the ongoing FBI investigation into city government in Tallahassee and recent reports that Gillum had accepted a coveted ticket to the Broadway musical Hamilton from an undercover FBI agent posing as a real estate developer in 2016.

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