IPhone XR Sales are Much Softer Than Expected

IPhone XR Sales are Much Softer Than Expected

According to new data from electronics trade-in website BankMyCell, shared exclusively with PCMag, the average American would have to work 4.7 days to be able to afford the 64GB iPhone XR.

In a odd plot twist, Nikkei went on to cite Apple's decision to shift its focus towards "requesting more of the older iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models", which are about 20% cheaper than the iPhone XR ($599 vs. $749 base price). "The utilization for the XR production is not reaching its maximum capacity now", Nikkei's source stated. Apple was down 0.5% in premarket United States trading on Tuesday.

Apple iPhone XS review - how does the experience compare to Android? Given the disparity between what we saw being said about the iPhone X a year ago and its 12-month performance, some caution is clearly warranted.

What about the increased iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus production? At Rs 76,900, the iPhone XR is still on the expensive side, and maybe some cashback, EMI and buyback offers could help Apple sell significant number of units.

Foxconn initially built out 60 assembly lines for the iPhone XR, expecting extremely high demand for the unit. Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron declined to comment.

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The success of the iPhone X and its positive impact on Apple's MSRPs is proof that the company had margin to spare when it came to raising prices, but there were inevitably going to be customers left behind by such a move. After all, how can you "serve everyone" if not that many people are buying what you're selling?

Separately, Apple's stock was downgraded for the second time since its earnings report, this time by Rosenblatt Securities, which said it has lowered its expectations for iPhone production and shipments, CNBC reported here on Monday.

Apple closed just above $200 amid a wider tech sell-off which has seen other FAANG stocks fall in recent weeks.

Although Apple never said as much when it launched the Apple iPhone XR in September, its fairly obvious the device is meant to be more a direct competitor with the Android market.

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