Brexit chaos continues as UK's Theresa May warns against a leadership change

Brexit chaos continues as UK's Theresa May warns against a leadership change

Mr McFadden said: "If she can not get the agreement through Parliament then I think we have to put the issue back to the people".

Leadsom leads a group of Brexiteer Cabinet ministers who want to tweak the deal - but that possibility was last night shot down by Simon Coveney, in a podcast from the Fine Gael Ard Fheis.

The CBI said on Sunday that May's draft deal was not ideal but a compromise that "takes no deal off the table" and opens the path to frictionless trade in the future.

Asked whether Graham Brady, Chair of the backbench 1922 Committee, had hit the 48-letter mark from her party MPs needed to trigger a noconfidence vote in her leadership, she replied: "As far as I know, no - it has not".

Several ministers, including her Brexit minister, have resigned and some lawmakers from her own party have submitted letters to trigger a no-confidence vote against her.

"Mrs May will be invited", a diplomat said, "But even if something explosive happens and she can't come, it will go ahead regardless". There is no different approach that we could agree with the EU.

"This idea that now after two years of negotiation, somehow four or five cabinet ministers can negotiate a different outcome and agree it themselves, and then expect the European Union to just sign up to that, I just think it's not living in the real world", Coveney told a podcast recorded by the Irish Times at his party's annual conference. "The important thing is that we're here for our constituents and as prime minister I'm here for the people of this country".

Setting out his own suggestions for the way forward, Johnson said Britain should scrap the so-called Northern Ireland backstop, an insurance policy to avoid a return to border checks between the British province and EU-member Ireland.

She also told us she does not believe that 48 letters of no confidence have been submitted by MPs - the point at which she would face a confidence vote.

How close is May to a no confidence vote?

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Theresa May will appeal to business leaders to help deliver her Brexit deal, as she fights implacable opposition in Parliament and a possible leadership challenge.

"I have no doubt that as this crisis has deepend over a two year period, number 10 Downing Street and the Prime Minister have taken more and more power to the centre in trying to keep control of what has turned into a rather uncontrollable and dismal process".

The 585-page withdrawal agreement deal between London and the European Union triggered resignations from the Cabinet including that of her Brexit secretary Dominic Raab.

If the Conservatives do not agree to the deal, it will be rather hard to pass it in the British Parliament.

Luxembourg's foreign minister says there is "no better" Brexit deal for Britain than the one that was finalized last week.

Junior ministers, among them Shailesh Vara, Suella Braverman and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, have also quit in protest of the deal, which they claim doesn't respect the result of the 2016 referendum.

Asselborn said May "deserves praise" for her position, saying the maxim "no deal is better than a bad deal" has been dropped in favour of "any deal is better than no deal".

"It's an option for the future, but it's not an option for today, because if we had a referendum tomorrow, what's it going to be on?"

In an interview with The Sunday Times, former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab - whose decision to quit the Cabinet triggered the resignation of several other government ministers - said May had allowed the United Kingdom to be "blackmailed and bullied" by the EU.

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