Multiple casualties after shots fired at Chicago hospital

Multiple casualties after shots fired at Chicago hospital

"And then he made his way into the hospital and more shots were fired".

Dayna Less, 25, joined the hospital in July as a first-year pharmacy resident. Samuel Jimenez, a 28-year-old police officer and father, was also killed during the gunfight.

The name of the shooter was not revealed.

'I don't know what happened, ' she said.

Chaos followed terror in Chicago as shots rang out at a local hospital.

"The offender lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun", Superintendent Johnson said.

Officer Jimenez responded to an officer's assistance call and was one of multiple officers who ran toward the gunfire.

James Gray tells KABC-TV he was inside Mercy Hospital on Monday when the shooting unfolded.

The hospital was later "partially evacuated" and people were put on Chicago Transit Authority buses while officers searched Mercy.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi described the shooting as a "domestic-related active shooter incident", but he provided no details about the relationship between the gunman and the slain doctor.

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There were indications that Lopez wanted to shoot even more people, including an account from one witness, Jennifer Eldridge, who was hiding in the pharmacy, when she heard the gunfire and the sound of the gunman jiggling the handle of the locked door, an apparent effort to get in.

"[Dr Less] had nothing to do with nothing", he said. "We just don't know how much damage he was prepared to do". He ducked behind the bus for cover and watched as 50 to 100 people poured out of the hospital, including a victim on a stretcher.

The officer who was shot at but escaped injury during the incident shared images of a bullet embedded in the side of his gun, Chicago news broadcaster ABC7 reported. The Chicago Tribune reports it may have been over a broken engagement.

It may have been 15 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity, " she said.

Sue Jimenez, the manager of Kozy's Cyclery bike shop near the hospital, said she heard multiple gunshots separated by pauses. Guglielmi urged citizens to avoid the area.

Officers locked down the hospital's first floor and closed off stairwells, eventually locating the shooter, who had sustained a fatal head wound. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke about the deaths at an emotional late-night news conference.

'This tears at the soul of our city. "It is the face and a effect of evil".

According to, O'Neal enjoyed giving back to her community.

'I ask each of us to hold our children, our loved ones, closer, remember what is important in life, and that there are others who are part of our larger family who will have a tear and a hole that will never really heal, that will always have a scar'.

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