Trump says doesn't believe own government's climate warning

Trump says doesn't believe own government's climate warning

Last year, Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris deal to combat climate change, becoming the first country of 200 to do so.

The president was responding to a stunning report released by his administration Friday that said climate change will cost the USA economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century, damaging everything from human health to infrastructure and agricultural production. It was written long before the deadly fires in California this month and before Hurricanes Florence and Michael struck the East Coast.

The report, which is 1,600 pages long, isn't good news for the future of our planet-or the USA economy.

The report noted the last few years have smashed USA records for damaging weather, costing almost 400 billion dollars (£312 billion) since 2015. It was, as I mentioned above, produced by 13 agencies within the Trump administration - the result of Congress, in the 1980s, mandating that this sort of report be submitted every four years as a sort of reference point for lawmakers and legislators.

He said ongoing research into more resilient hybrid seeds would prove beneficial.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment is yet another reminder that reality will catch up to the States, no matter how much the president tries to ignore and deny it.

According to the bombshell report, how the US responds to greenhouse gas emissions will make a big difference.

It warns of more, stronger and longer disasters triggered at least in part by global warming.

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"They grow things that we eat globally, so when we buy popcorn and when we go to buy bread or dairy, those are impacts on our bottom-line issues in our own homes".

The report avoids proposing policy changes.

After a cold snap across much of the USA last week, some are reviving the debunked talking point thatcold weather disproves climate change.

Green Car Reports respectfully reminds its readers that the scientific validity of climate change is not a topic for debate in our comments.

Earlier the White House downplayed the report, saying it relied on extreme models that were selected during the Obama administration.

It also said projections of damage could change if greenhouse gas emissions were curbed, although numerous impacts of climate change, like powerful storms, droughts and flooding, have already begun. Yet emissions worldwide continue to rise. The findings are a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration's insistence that environmental regulations hurt jobs and hinder economic growth. In mid-2017, the USA withdrew from the Paris climate change accord, the only country to have approved the historic accord then withdraw from it. Related: Could Oil Prices Fall To $40?

"All the proposals I've seen so far that would address any of these issues would devastate the US economy and have little or no benefit that is demonstrable from our standpoint", he said.

The report mentions the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, which was formed in 2010 by Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties and now includes 35 local governments trying to find ways to cope with climate change. But the consistent mishandling and misreporting by major news network talk shows has obfuscated the importance of the report.

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