Google Fi Replaces Project Fi, Adds Support for iPhone

Google Fi Replaces Project Fi, Adds Support for iPhone

As prematurely revealed by the media, Google has renamed its wireless MVNO from Project Fi to Google Fi and has officially extended support to most unlocked Android phones as well as iPhones.

More info can be found in Google's new post on the Project Fi blog, and on the Project Fi website.

Google took another step towards becoming a phone company Wednesday with a relaunch of its mobile phone service under a new Google Fi branding.

All of this means you can save money through Google Fi with a cheap plan after buying that new, pricey Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max, or One Plus 6T.

While project Fi has in the past only been available on phones purchased from Google that come preloaded with special software, Google on Tuesday announced that people can now sign up for the service with an Android phone they already have. First we need to talk about how Fi normally works. You just have to pop in a SIM card from Google to use the service. Otherwise, you're probably better off waiting for Fi support to mature past the beta stage.

Today's wider compatibility announcement isn't really fixing this problem.

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As recap, Fi operates primarily on the T-Mobile and Sprint Networks, offers a truly sensible data plan in which you just pay for what you use, and has some clever techniques to switch between Wi-Fi and LTE to maximize your phone's data performance. But in general, iPhones will have access to calls, texts, and data powered by T-Mobile's network.

Other features from the new Google Fi MVNO include free worldwide roaming, access to 2 million secure Wi-Fi hotspots and data protection through a Google VPN. According to the Verge, Apple users will simply get a text when they have a voicemail, no actual transcript.

Google's Fi service has been a popular choice, particularly among global travelers, because its plans are flexible and relatively cheap compared with many other carriers.

Google's cheap cellular service is getting more official with a name change and support for many more phones.

Thankfully, no matter what phone you own, you still get Fi's other perks.

Now, the company is making using Fi with third-party phones a lot easier: On Thursday, it released an iOS app that can be used to monitor data usage, billing and more.

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