Trump says he's willing to shut down government over border wall funding

Trump says he's willing to shut down government over border wall funding

A Honduran migrant converses with U.S border agents on the other side of razor wire after they fired tear gas at migrants pressuring to cross into the USA from Tijuana, Mexico, Sunday, Nov. 25.

The vow from Trump comes amid recent clashes on the border between border agents and caravan migrants.

"First of all, the tear gas is very safe", said Trump.

"They're coming from countries that are deeply affected by a lot of our policies and affected by conflict and years of struggle".

Trump issued a proclamation November 9 that barred anyone from claiming asylum who entered the country illegally.

"The combination of economic forces and enforcement priorities may be working together to discourage people from arriving, or sending them home", said D'Vera Cohn, one of the authors of the Pew Research Center report.

In the aftermath of the border shutdown, state and local authorities have been calling with increased urgency on Mexico's federal government to step in, as the migrants are in the country without immigration documents and are an increasingly heavy burden on local authorities.

"I see it as impossible for them to want to give us asylum", she said.

At times, such responses can involve "less lethal capabilities crossing the border", he said, adding that wind may blow gas in various directions.

Mr Trump also questioned why parents had taken their children to the site, and alleged that some of the people at the border were not parents, but "grabbers" who had taken children with them to improve their chances of asylum.

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He admitted that feeding the migrants and giving them shelter may encourage others to come to Tijuana, but said it would be worse to have them roaming the streets.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said, per protocol, the decision to fire was made by agents on the scene using their professional judgment, and also per protocol the incident will be reviewed. US border inspectors are processing fewer than 100 asylum claims a day at Tijuana's main crossing to San Diego, creating a backlog of thousands. The Senate has already agreed to spend 1.6 billion for the border wall as part of an earlier budget plan, funding mostly Homeland Security projects. Her condition is not considered life-threatening.

The use of tear gas during Sunday's events have also sparked debate.

Gastelum said he has met with American officials who "agreed to hurry up their documentation and process of doing what they have to do" to process the migrants' applications. Central Americans have made up an increasing share of unauthorized immigrants in the US, according to a new Pew Research study. Some said they remained determined to cross, even after the results of Sunday's march to the border.

Mr Trump's defence of the federal agents' actions comes after the U.S. president denied armed forces had used tear gas against children - despite photos and videos showed people, including families and children, running and screaming from a cloud of tear gas.

"Through intel sources we've identified at least 600 criminals in and around the caravan", Houlton said.

"I don't do anything... just for political gain", Trump told Politico in an interview published Wednesday.

Sotomayor said he hopes migrants who had thought of entering the USA illegally learned from Sunday's events that that won't be possible.

Overall, the Pew study was in line with previous research that has found many unauthorized immigrants have been living in the United States for years and their children are more likely to have been born in the country than overseas.

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