Minister for universities and science resigns over May's 'naive' Brexit deal

Minister for universities and science resigns over May's 'naive' Brexit deal

He told the BBC this morning: "There is a blocking minority in the House of Commons for nearly every possible option which means that letting the people decide, now that we know more, might be the most sensible path for both Leavers and Remainers".

She added however that if the deal is rejected, "some people would need to take some practical steps in relation to no deal".

"If they can not look their constituents in the eye and say it is, they must vote this deal down and then hand the decision back to the people".

He pointed to comments by shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who suggested another vote is "inevitable" if Theresa May's Brexit deal is blocked by Parliament.

The warnings from institutions like the Bank of England, the CBI, and the Government's own technical papers have been calamitous about the impact of leaving without a deal on March 29 - though some Brexiteers say much of this is an exaggeration.

Mrs May also held talks with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who praised her "great determination on one of the most vexed issues I think there is".

"Why it is a deal that delivers on Brexit but it is also a deal that protects jobs and the economy and why passing this deal in the vote that takes place in the House of the Commons will take us to certainty for the future, and that failure to do that would only lead to uncertainty".

The initiative underlines the ire felt in Scotland, which voted to remain in the European Union at a 2016 referendum, over May's plan, which several parties say was negotiated without any attempt to bring them on board.

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She does not wish to do that, because she fears it would make it far easier for her MPs to vote against her on December 11, because they would know their votes were conscience-salving protest votes, rather than deal-destroying and possibly government-wrecking extreme sabotage. The main opposition Labour Party and a cross-party group of senior lawmakers have put forward amendments to block May's European Union withdrawal deal and to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

"Instead, what I see from Labour is an attempt to frustrate what the Government is doing to deliver Brexit for the British people".

"I'm very happy to tell President Trump and others that we will have an independent trade policy, because we will have an independent trade policy, we will be able to do trade deals", she said.

"The bottom line is that we must not end up with a no deal by default".

Dr Fox, who has given his backing to Mrs May's deal, is using a speech on Friday to appeal for unity and support for the PM's stance.

It also comes as the Conservatives and Labour, divided over Brexit, also find themselves unable to come to an agreement over the hotly anticipated televised debate on Brexit.

She added: "The view I have had from farmers, employers and sector organisations and others in my trips around the country is that they recognise the importance of this deal and they support this deal".

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