Rumor claims Google Hangouts will shut down in 2020

Rumor claims Google Hangouts will shut down in 2020

They're saying Hangouts will disappear in 2020 although Google has offered some a half-hearted denial saying "users of consumer Hangouts users will be somehow "upgraded" to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet". The writing has been on the wall for a little while, but now the clock really is ticking. However, they also checked with a second source, who also corroborated the original story that Google will indeed be shutting down Hangouts by 2020 and that the decision has already been made.

The company abandoned development of the consumer version of Hangouts more or less a year ago.

Google in the meantime started to focus on an RCS-based messaging system for Android called Chat in favor of the messaging application Allo. Additionally, Google Hangouts is a part of Gmail web and users can still use it.

With Hangouts still integrated into some of Google's core products (e.g. on-demand video conferencing linked to Calendar events), it's likely that consumers will still find a use for Hangouts going forward.

Google has indicated for years now that it planned to position Hangouts as a competitor to workplace chat apps like Slack.

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That included Google Talk, which was more focused on enterprise users, and Google+ Messenger, the service formerly known as Huddle.

The shutting down was inevitable and delayed only because Allo performed poorly.

There's also Chat, its RCS product that is expected to launch with Verizon in 2019.

It's little wonder I'm seeing people slowly move away from Google's business products towards other platforms which are perceived to be more stable. What is a suitable alternative?

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