Far Cry New Dawn announced

Far Cry New Dawn announced

As far as we can tell from the teaser, New Dawn begins years after the ending of Far Cry 5, where [SPOILERS] Hope County was decimated by nuclear bombs.

With its cover art leaked prior to The Game Awards 2018, Far Cry New Dawn intrigued us from the get-go. Featuring all new protagonists, notably The Twins as seen in the key art, who are the leaders of Far Cry New Dawn' Highwaymen and apparently want control of the area and resources all to themselves. A February 15 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, means that it gets out ahead of May's dustier post-apocalyptic vision, Rage 2. The background looks to be Montana straight from Far Cry 5 after the nuclear blast that was in one of the endings. The leaders of this group are the Twins, sisters Mickey and Lou, and you will need to grow the strength of the other survivors in your homebase, Prosperity, if you hope to stop them. There will be a new dog, though, named Timber, and unlike Boomer he'll have the ability to actually ride around with you in vehicles.

New Dawn brings something new to the Far Cry series with Expeditions.

A New Day Dawns on Hope CountyHope County looks a bit different these days. The Homebase is also a launchpad to Expeditions, where for the first time in Far Cry, the adventure is more than local.

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Familiar characters are back: led by Kim Rye from Far Cry 5, the Survivors establish a home base, where children can be kept safe and prosper.

For many, the adorable little fang for hire Boomer was the indisputable highlight of Far Cry 5 - and it seems like Ubisoft has heard fans' yelps of glee loud and clear.

Decant was also excited to continue Far Cry 5's story through Joseph Seed's return.

- Sprawling superbloom fields and dense overgrowth invite you into a wildly handsome yet deadly post-apocalyptic landscape, to discover on your own or with a friend in two player co-op. For further ness, keep an eye on Ubisoft's website.

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