Third Canadian citizen has been detained in China, Global Affairs Canada confirms

Third Canadian citizen has been detained in China, Global Affairs Canada confirms

On 5G, Hu mentioned that Huawei has secured 25 commercial contracts, ranking number one among all ICT equipment providers, having already shipped more than 10,000 base stations to markets around the world.

The Canadian Government has said that there is also no explicit link between Ms Meng's arrest and the detentions of Mr Kovrig and Mr Spavor.

Hu wasted no time in asserting his confidence in the company's growth and prospects, and expects revenue in 2018 to exceed US$100 billion.

This has added to the woes of the Chinese firm, which has already been virtually locked out of the United States market and has been prohibited by Australia and New Zealand from building 5G networks on concerns its gear could facilitate Chinese spying.

Hu noted a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said december 10 that no law requires companies to modify equipment to permit secret access.

As countries around the world scramble to deploy large-scale 5G networks, the global telecom equipment market for the superfast technology will hit $11 billion by 2022, research agency IHS Markit forecast, without disclosing the figure for this year.

Huawei this week pushed back against the allegations. "We think any concerns or allegations on security at Huawei should be based on factual evidence", Huawei's rotating chairman Ken Hu said on Tuesday.

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Over 30 years, the company has never had a serious cyber security issue or seen any evidence showing its equipment is a security threat, he said.

The Czech Republic's prime minister has ordered his government office to stop using mobile phones by Chinese telecoms company Huawei. A Czech cyber-security agency on Monday warned against using the software and hardware of China's Huawei and ZTE companies, saying they posed a threat to state security.

French carrier OrangeSA last week also decided against buying Huawei gear for its 5G network.

Days after Meng's arrest, the private company that dominates United Kingdom telecommunications, BT Group, announced it was removing Huawei equipment from its existing mobile networks, and would not use Huawei technology in future mobile systems.

According to Bloomberg News, last week German carrier Deutsche Telekom AG raised the prospect of dropping Huawei, Norway said it's weighing concerns with using suppliers from countries with which there's no security policy co-operation.

Huawei's efforts come amid increasing global turmoil for the company. The daughter of billionaire founder Ren Zhengfei, she now faces extradition in a case that's sparked a diplomatic row, chilled travel to China and exacerbated fears Beijing could employ its networks for espionage, something Huawei's always denied. However, it's extremely rare for the US and allied governments to take the sorts of steps they have taken to restrict specific companies.

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