With Friday night deadline, funding fight shifts to Senate

With Friday night deadline, funding fight shifts to Senate

Pence's vote advanced the 47-47 tally Friday after a marathon, five-hour voting session in the Senate that dragged on as senators rushed back to Washington. Yes, a lot of employees get sent home, but most of the federal law enforcement apparatus is still in place. They wrote a new bill that added $5.7 billion in additional border security to a measure that would fund dozens of other departments and agencies at their current levels through February 8. The House had been expected to vote on it Thursday.

Pelosi and Schumer called Trump's border wall "ineffective and expensive" and added that their "multiple proposals to keep the government open, including one that already passed the Senate unanimously.include funding for strong, sensible, and effective border security".

Republicans needed Democrats to vote with them, as they do not have enough members to get a supermajority on their own.

Others were not so sure.

The United States government officially went into a partial shutdown at midnight Eastern time, 11 p.m.

But Democrats said they wouldn't support a bill with border wall money. "I'm not going to blame you for it".

What Trump should be really anxious about today is Republicans are turning on him.

Wall funding has little chance of passing the Senate, but Trump's insistence on the funds has led to a gridlocked Capitol Hill careening toward a partial government shutdown on Friday night.

Democrats have been unwilling to pass any legislation that will give Trump the $5 billion (£4 billion) he wants to build the wall, which they argue is wasteful spending.

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Democrats painted Trump as the Grinch who stole the year-end deal. It requires previously used designs. Democrats will take control of the House January 3, and they oppose major funding for wall construction.

Mr Trump, who has to sign off any deal, is insisting $5.7bn (£4.5bn) in government funding be included to help build his long-promised U.S. border wall.

Friday afternoon, top administration officials met in the Capitol meeting with congressional leaders in hopes of resolving the standoff.

Ryan and McCarthy had endured complaints during a private morning meeting earlier Thursday from rank-and-file Republicans in the Capitol that they were closing out their majority without a fight on a major issue. Trump announced that he would reject any short-term spending bill that did not offer more money for border security, although he did not specific an amount.

It all caps 12 months in which Mr. Trump showed himself increasingly willing to deliver the disruption on which he campaigned: He has sparked a global trade war by slapping tariffs on US allies and foes alike, demurred on challenging Vladimir Putin over Russian election interference and abruptly announced the pullout of USA troops from Syria. "Would be done by end of year (NOW)".

"I know tech better than anyone, & technology on a Border is only effective in conjunction with a Wall", Trump continued. "It has to. Not for political purposes but for our country, for the safety of our community".

"Republicans are in a state of disarray", said Pelosi. "But in terms of wall funding, that's a non-starter". But the remaining 25 percent subject to the shutdown includes many important agencies and departments, including Homeland Security, Justice, Commerce, Interior, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and Transportation.

Many agencies, including the Pentagon and departments of veterans affairs and health and human services, are funded for the year and would continue to operate as usual even if the funding lapses in the case of a push-back in the Senate.

The US Postal Service, which is delivering millions of packages before Christmas, will also be unaffected as it is an independent agency.

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