Chinese commercial espionage reaches into NZ, GCSB boss says

Chinese commercial espionage reaches into NZ, GCSB boss says

Zhu and Zhang are allegedly linked to a group of hackers known to investigators simply as APT 10, which acted on behalf of China's ministry of state security to carry out a malicious cyber campaign known as Cloud Hopper in Europe, Asia and the US, according to details released simultaneously in Washington and London.

The Justice Department said that through the "technology theft campaign" that reached into companies and organizations in several USA states, APT10 "stole hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive data" from a "diverse array" of industries, from space and satellite technology to pharmaceuticals. "We want China to cease illegal cyber activities and honor its commitments, but the evidence suggests they will not".

The same month, the Justice Department arrested an alleged spy for China's Ministry of State Security on charges of economic espionage and attempting to steal U.S. aviation trade secrets.

In an operation coordinated with United States allies in Europe and Asia, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the inditement of the duo aimed to rebuff "China's economic aggression".

The US Justice Department on Thursday indicted two Chinese hackers tied to Beijing's security services who allegedly targeted companies and agencies in a dozen countries, which US officials said showed President Xi Jinping had not fulfilled his pledge to stop cybercrime.

The Trump administration has taken a hard stance on China, on issues of trade, technology and espionage.

When a managed service provider is hacked, it can unintentionally provide attackers access to secondary victims who are customers of that company and have their computer systems connected to them, according to experts.

FBI Director Christopher Wray described the Chinese government's campaignof cyber-espionage in recent years as part of a broader, long-term effort by China to surpass the United States as a superpower.

"China firmly opposes it and has lodged solemn representations with the USA side, she said". "APEC economies agreed they should not conduct or support [Information and Communications Technology] ICT-enabled theft of intellectual property or other confidential business information, for commercial advantage".

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The indictments also highlight what United States intelligence officials have been saying all along: China hasn't even tried to honor its 2015 agreement to stop pilfering USA companies.

The two defendants, named as Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong in the announcement, are accused of conducting cyber attacks which targeted entities in at least a dozen countries.

"The Chinese government, the Chinese military and their relevant personnel have never engaged or participated in cyber theft of trade secrets", the statement insisted.

China's Foreign Ministry said Britain and other countries had also made "slanderous comments" stemming from "ulterior motives".

The WA resources industry has always been a target of similar hacking attempts, aimed at accessing details of production levels at miners - big and small - to give the Chinese state-owned companies that buy WA's minerals an edge in contract negotiations.

"These actions by Chinese actors to target intellectual property and sensitive business information present a very real threat to the economic competitiveness of companies in the United States and around the globe", the statement said.

The US Justice Department accused China of breaking a 2015 pact to curb cyber espionage for corporate purposes.

This is not the first time, he noted. They faces charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusions, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated theft.

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