New York Yankees are very much in play for Manny Machado

New York Yankees are very much in play for Manny Machado

The Yankees are still very much in play for Machado because the 26-year-old reportedly prefers to play in NY if the money is equal.

Cudeyro made his pitch, it was then the Phillies' turn to make theirs. If Machado does take his talents to another team, Andujar is further solidified as a cornerstone piece of the Yankees future. His responses to the questions he did answer were kept short and sweet.

Now that Machado has completed his free agency tour, the question is how long will it be until he decides-and will he end up taking the Phillies' money, or heading to NY?

"Pretty awesome", Machado said, according to's Todd Zolecki, when asked how his visit was.

Given the ire Machado caused in the postseason, that might be the nicest thing a baseball fan has said about him in months. The infielder himself told Zolecki and others that determining when to sign "is [his] agent's job" and that he is "just enjoying the ride".

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So far this winter, the Phillies have added a former All-Star in the outfield and one in the infield as well. Last year, the Yankees went out and signed superstar outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to a massive contract. Salisbury indicates the same, portraying Harper as a more realistic target should the Phillies miss out on Machado. And the Phillies have not shied away from either player publicly.

People on the scene also saw a peek of the Phillies' jumbotron mock-up of Machado in their colors.

Most prognosticators have Machado ultimately signing with a Phillies team that's always been pegged as one that will be aggressive this offseason.

The Bombers are favorites to land the coveted free agent. Until Thursday's meeting with Machado, the Phillies remained much quieter than they were last week.

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