Trump tells boy that believing in Santa at 7 is 'marginal'

Trump tells boy that believing in Santa at 7 is 'marginal'

In a Christmas Eve call with a young child Monday night, Trump asked a 7-year-old named Coleman whether he or she still believes in Santa Claus, saying that was a "marginal" age for knowing the truth.

There, Colonel Harry Shoup, embracing the holiday spirit answered the calls from children and also assigned some of the calls to his subordinates, so that all the anxious kids get to know that Santa is on the way with the gifts to their home. NORAD coordinates with Santa's Elf Launch Staff to confirm his launch time, but from that point on, Santa calls the shots.

In 2018, NORAD will also be publishing Santa's location on social media, however, an estimated 140,000 calls are still expected to be made to the hotline, with volunteers taking two-hour shifts to answer enquiries. However, on the day before Christmas they track Santa as he begins his journey in the South Pacific.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) - a joint US-Canadian operation which protects the skies over both countries - has taken over the Santa tracker.

The First Lady later tweeted that helping children track Santa was "becoming one of my favourite traditions". Trump asked the child, before questioning him further.

'Melania and I are truly thrilled to wish every American a very, merry Christmas, ' said President Trump at the start of the video.

Last year NORAD Tracks Santa received 126,000 calls
Image Last year NORAD Tracks Santa received 126,000 calls

NORAD Tracks Santa, but only Santa knows his route, which means we can not predict where and when he will arrive at your house.

While working on Christmas Eve keeps technicians away from family and friends, it is still a mission they look forward to. "Call me direct and be sure and dial the correct number", the advertisement said.

A tradition was born that rolled over to NORAD when it was formed in 1958.

NORAD assured the world that Santa will bring Xmas cheer to "everyone".

Now, with improved technology, NORAD offers on live St. Nick tracking service on the internet and mobile.

"Yes sir, especially since my son Sam would want to see that as well", General O'Shaughnessy replied.

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