Opal Tower residents evacuated after concerns building may collapse

Opal Tower residents evacuated after concerns building may collapse

After the big scare yesterday, residents of Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park have been told by emergency services that the building is not at risk of collapsing.

The doors of the building were jammed and the police had to break through to help residents out. "A few days ago the doors looked different, as if you could not close them properly", said a resident of the channel ABC.

"This is a large building and it's critical the safety of the residents comes first", said NSW Police Force Acting Assistant Commissioner Julie Boon.

Numerous doors were blocked accordingly, and the police had to break up some of them, so that residents were able to leave the house.

About 3,000 people from inside the tower and in nearby buildings were told to leave late Monday (Dec 24), with engineers investigating after the apartment complex moved "one or two millimetres".

More than 200 people living in Opal Tower in the Australian city's Olympic Park were evacuated on Christmas Eve, along with over 3,000 from nearby buildings as a 1km exclusion zone was put in place by New South Wales Police.

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"The actual number we're not sure of, because of the time of year, because of the evacuation and people have sorted out their own accommodation and got themselves moved on". Whether the residents for Christmas back to their homes, was still unclear.

NSW Fire and Rescue said it had specialist equipment at the scene to monitor any movement and police have set up an exclusion zone amid fears the building has serous structural damage.

The triangular-shaped tower has 392 apartments, a shopping area and a childcare centre.

It has been a hectic start to Christmas for some high rise residents in Sydney Olympic Park after authorities declared 51 units unsafe following the failure of an internal wall.

Residents from Opal Tower and surrounding properties had been taken to an evacuation center and it was not clearly if or when they would be able to return to their homes.

The $165 million building had been completed in August.

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