Blue sky at night lights up social media in NY

Blue sky at night lights up social media in NY

New York City's night sky was turned a freaky blue on Thursday night after an explosion at a Con Edison plant - causing panic and confusion for millions. No injuries have been reported, but some areas of the city have experienced blackouts, including the LaGuardia Airport.

The explosion caused a bright blue light that illuminated the NY skyline.

"There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria, which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area", the power company said in a post on Twitter.

"You start to try and figure out what it can be, but nothing made sense".

The public is being advised to avoid the vicinity of the power plant on 20th Ave and 31st Street. Follow @fdny, @NYPD114pct and @conedison'.

Reports soon came in that La Guardia had lost power and that the airport had closed as a result.

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A blue light caused by a transformer explosion at a power plant in Queens. Con Ed confirmed that the airport was running on generator power. 'Passengers are able to de-plane via stairs.

The bluish light sent New Yorkers into a frenzy with residents posting incredible photos of the event and wondering whether a celestial visit from extraterrestrials was in the works.

Many residents who were home at the time experienced flickering lights. Con Edison is investigating the cause of the incident. "Thank you", NYPD's 114th Precinct tweeted.

A man named Nick Riccardo shared a video of the actual explosion as it took place outside his window. Footage of the scene showed the sky flickering a bright blue-green for several minutes.

Providing more details about the phenomenon, Con Edison said in a statement Friday morning that the light emanated from "a sustained electrical arc flash that was visible across a wide area".

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