CenturyLink outage takes down several 911 emergency services across the US

CenturyLink outage takes down several 911 emergency services across the US

The Federal Communications Commission was investigating the CenturyLink outage, Chairman Ajit Pai announced Friday.

According to a CenturyLink status page, the outage began at around 12pm ET on December 27, and work started on resolving the issue at around 7am ET today, although not all services have been restored just yet. "The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling".

The sheriff's office also said it appeared that Bisbee and Benson's 911 systems were down as well. Texting 911 is also an option.

Officials in Jefferson Co. told 13 NEWS they were receiving reports of outages in the area.

The alert, which listed an alternative 911 number, appears to be sent via the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system that launched in 2012 and warns the public about risky weather, missing children, and other situations.

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In Idaho, the internet problems caused the temporary shutdown of phone services at the Idaho Department of Correction and the state's Department of Education, The Idaho Statesman reported.

Monroe, Louisiana-based CenturyLink didn't provide details of the problem and it didn't indicate how many customers were affected.

Capas said there had not been any reports of issues as of Friday morning.

A number of internet users in Idaho, Utah, Montana and the Western U.S., are, well, without the internet.

Procopio said CenturyLink claimed a "network element" caused the problem.

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