Saudi women to start receiving divorce notice by text message

Saudi women to start receiving divorce notice by text message

From Sunday, a new regulation issued by the country's Ministry of Justice will see a court notify women via text message when a divorce decree (or official order) is issued, a Saudi lawyer told Bloomberg.

The order was signed by Walid al-Samaani, the minister, but is in line with changes to the status of women over a number...

The new regulations could help mitigate the problem of so-called "secret divorces", a phrase used to describe the phenomenon of men ending their marriage without informing their wives.

At present, it is a casual practise in the Kingdom that Saudi men file for divorce without bringing it into the knowledge of their wives.

Saudi women will no longer be the last to know they've been divorced.

Many young Saudis regard his ascent to power as proof that their generation is finally getting a share of control over a country whose patriarchal traditions have for decades made power the province of old men.

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The kingdom has also allowed women to enter sports stadiums, previously a male-only arena, and is pushing for greater participation of women in the workforce as it seeks to diversify its oil-dependent economy.

However, the crown prince's reforms, which include granting women driver's licenses, have been overshadowed by a wave of arrests of women activists in recent months as the kingdom steps up a crackdown on dissent.

Women can also inquire about their marital status through a website and view details of any probate certificates.

The Saudi government has denied bin Salman's involvement in the killing.

Campaigners said the main sticking point remained Saudi Arabia's guardianship policy, whereby women must have permission from a male relative to work, travel, marry, and even get some medical treatment.

But in 2018 the Saudi Justice Ministry released a circular to the courts specifying that barring a dispute between the parents, a mother is required only to apply for custodianship.

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