Lindsey Graham urges Trump to reopen government for three week period

Lindsey Graham urges Trump to reopen government for three week period

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) said Sunday that he backs the temporary opening of the government, now in day 23 of a partial shutdown.

Many lawmakers spent the weekend in their home states - often hearing constituents' complaints about the shutdown - but will return to Washington today.

Trump fired off a series of tweets pushing back against the notion that he doesn't have a strategy to end what became the longest government shutdown in US history when it entered its 22nd day Saturday.

Trump tweeted that "to understand" his plan, "you would have to understand the fact that I won the election, and I promised safety and security for the American people".

Trump has repeatedly described the situation at the U.S. - Mexico border as a "humanitarian crisis" as speculation has increased this week that he would circumvent Congress to begin building his signature wall - a move that would be sure to draw a court challenge from Democrats who say the barrier would be barbaric and ineffective.

"I would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug" on a legislative solution, Graham said.

On Sunday, Graham told Fox New's Wallace that the administration wants to make a deal but Democrats refuse the any deal that includes the wall.

As Friday ticked into Saturday, the shutdown passed the 21-day mark set when Bill Clinton faced a hostile Republican Congress in 1995 and 1996.

On Sunday, he said he wants the Democrats to come back to the negotiating table.

"I'm not surprised he is where he is right now, I just think it's really bad for the country".

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But Trump has turned his single-minded push for more walls into a political crusade that opponents say is a stunt to stoke xenophobia in his right-wing voter base while willfully ignoring the border's complex realities.

Screeners are among the lowest-paid federal employees. But the numbers also tell a story of a deepened partisan divide that has likely hardened due to the media attention on what has caused the shutdown in the first place: Trump's farcical wall.

"I think it's the most insulting article I've ever had written, and if you read the article you'll see that they found absolutely nothing".

Americans are increasingly bullish on a border wall but are souring on the government showdown, according to two new polls out Sunday from CNN and the Washington Post. Democrats overwhelmingly blame Republicans: 85% of Democrats lay blame at Congressional Republicans and Trump.

Mr Trump continued to blame Democrats for the impasse.

Trump has threatened repeatedly to declare a national emergency to break the stalemate and to order the start of construction of a wall, although on Friday, he retreated from his previously aggressive rhetoric by noting that he is not ready to take such a step now.

As Democrats and the White House continue to negotiate, Sen.

As a result, about 800,000 federal employees, including FBI agents and air-traffic controllers, received no pay cheques last Friday.

"The only crisis here is one that's been created by the president's abrupt change in position at the end of a year ago in the last days of a Republican-controlled Congress", Coons said.

During his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly pledged that Mexico would pay for the wall, which he says is needed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs.

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