The end of Windows 10 Mobile: the facts

The end of Windows 10 Mobile: the facts

Many users have been raising their queries on the same at the support page and Microsoft also recommends the Windows Phone users to move to a supported Android or iOS device. Support will end on that date for all Windows 10 Mobile products, including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, the company wrote in another FAQ.

David Ramel is the editor of Visual Studio Magazine. In the wake of the problems, Microsoft introduced a way for those testing early builds of the OS under the Windows Insider Program to flag the severity of bugs and committed to "improve our ability to prevent issues".

Another thing worth having in mind is that Microsoft does not guarantee that the Microsoft Store would continue to run after the December 2019 end of support.

It will officially stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile, previously referred to as Windows Phones, starting December 10th, 2019.

There will be no more Windows phones after 2019, but how about Microsoft's other "mobile" projects? They've set up a site on Xbox Ideas, a virtual suggestion box if you will, for you to pose your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions to them about the future of gaming on Windows.

That's important as security updates have continued to be made available.

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In late December, Microsoft finally revealed that it was making Windows 10 version 1809 available to what it calls "advanced users", which is anyone who actually opens Windows Update and checks for updates. It hence recommended users to shift to Android or iOS devices before the deadline. The use of services, such a photo uploads and restoring devices from backup, may work for 12 months after the end of support, it added.

Tech giant Microsoft has asked its users to switch to an Android or iOS device as it announced the end of support for Windows 10 Mobile, Thurrott reported.

The company once had huge plans for Windows on mobile devices, particularly when it refreshed the operating system in 2010 and launched Windows Phone 7. Indeed that has proved to be a lucrative business, arguably gaining Microsoft far more of a footprint in mobile than developing its own platform ever did.

That way, Google and Amazon's voice assistants can benefit from Cortana's capabilities, getting even better at what they do, with a (presumably small) piece of the resulting revenue going to Microsoft. A less generous interpretation is that Nadella needs to support Microsoft's stratospheric share price by reducing R&D and other development expenses and slim-lining the company, thereby increasing profits even while revenue growth slows.

Windows Update still supports updates for Windows 10 Mobile devices.

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