Billionaires hit Warren on proposed tax hike on top earners

Billionaires hit Warren on proposed tax hike on top earners

It's "the politically correct term for most obnoxious guy at the dinner party", Colbert said - someone who would proclaim: "I think most Americans just want to find a middle ground between baby cages and not baby cages - baby handcuffs?" "Let's talk about that".

Former Starbucks honcho Howard Schultz, very publicly contemplating a run for the presidency and hawking a new book, has a crisp riposte for every policy he disagrees with: "un-American". "I thought that was the American dream, the aspiration of America", said Schultz.

Schultz said that the MA senator once asked him for a campaign donation, and he said no.

"I urge him, for the good of the country, to reconsider this bad idea", tweeted House Democrat Brendan Boyle.

"He got hurt and in those days, there was no worker's compensation, there was no health insurance and he was dismissed as an uneducated war veteran and we witnessed. the fracturing of the American dream", said Schultz. "Billionaires like Howard Schultz & Michael Bloomberg want to keep a rigged system in place that benefits only them and their buddies", Warren wrote.

"Do not help Donald Trump".

"When I was seven years old, I came home from school [and] my father was laid on a couch with a cast from his hip to his ankle", Schultz explained. "As far as I know, we are not supposed to discuss politics while working, and we could easily be written up for it".

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"What I think I can bring is a level of servant leadership that I have acquired over nearly over 40 years and what I've learned along the way".

Adam Parkhomenko, the founder of activist group Ready for Hillary and a Clinton campaign staffer, has launched the unequivocally named website,, to make sure Schultz gets to meet more indignant hecklers denouncing his obscene financial success and selfish plans to ruin the Democrats' hopes of dethroning Trump.

He later elaborated, "I think the most important thing facing the country right now is not the issue of abortion or the cultural issues that divide us".

She points to them as "another billionaire who thinks that billionaires shouldn't pay more in taxes".

On MSNBC, Justice Democrats communications director Waleed Shahid scoffed at the notion that Schultz's platform would energize voters.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a former GOP presidential contender with an affinity for political combat, appeared to be relishing the controversy when asked about Democratic criticism of Schultz.

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