Facebook rethinks their plans to destroy WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

Facebook rethinks their plans to destroy WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

Indeed, Facebook grew both profits and revenues for both its fourth quarter and year end 2018 results, despite concerns that growth was slowing after the firm was plagued with mutiple problems in 2018.

Facebook has grown the number of staff 42 percent in the past year and total headcount is now sitting at 35,587 people.

Before the results, Facebook shares closed up more than 4 percent to $150.42 in NY trading. Facebook had 1.52 billion DAUs during the last quarter of 2018 - up nine percent year-over year - and 2.3 billion monthly active users.

Bernoff questioned whether Facebook was positioning itself for the rise of smart speakers using the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, Facebook added 1 million active advertisers over the past year to bring its total advertiser count to 7 million.

Facebook reported $6.88 billion in net income which amounts to $2.38 a share - up from $1.44 a share in the year-ago period.

For more information, you can read Zuckerberg's full statement here.

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The company faces demographic challenges as younger users shift to other platforms, seeing Facebook as less cool than it once was. Contravisory Investment Management Inc. now owns 200 shares of the social networking company's stock valued at $26,000 after purchasing an additional 121 shares in the last quarter. However, those figures were boosted by two things: a much lower effective tax rate (which fell from 43% to 14%) and $12.9 billion in share buybacks over the past year.

But analysts say the trust issue is crucial for Facebook if it wants to move forward in its mission to connect the world.

Zuckerberg also confirmed plans to integrate all the company's messaging services-Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger-so they can chat with each other.

As it approaches its 15th anniversary, Facebook has been able to keep revenue momentum thanks to its unique advertising model that allows marketers to reach specific segments of users.

One research analyst concluded "The bottom line is that with more than a quarter of the world using FB every day, we think advertisers have no choice but to follow their customers".

These metrics are a key signal to investors and others about how the company is doing and how quickly it's growing. In 2019, video will become an even bigger focus with formats like Stories taking center stage across the Facebook Inc. portfolio, which includes Messenger and WhatsApp alongside Instagram and Facebook. It's important to remember there will be almost 1.9 billion Internet video users by 2021, a statistic that seems to have been adopted into the very core of Facebook's global strategy.To this point, Facebook remains one of the few platforms that can claim a truly global presence - in 2019, the number of Facebook users in China is expected to reach 56.58 million.

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