How Fluffy the frozen cat was brought back from the dead

How Fluffy the frozen cat was brought back from the dead

An "essentially frozen and unresponsive" cat found buried under a mountain of snow in Montana has been saved.

The cat named Fluffy was found almost frozen and unresponsive in the hard ice of a snow bank who temperature in Kalispell, Montana was only 10 degrees last Thursday.

The injured cat, named Fluffy, was found on January 31 and brought to Animal Clinic of Kalispell veterinarian Dr. Jevon Clark, KTMF reported.

The clinic wrote on Facebook her temperature was low but had recovered after she was thawed for many hours and was now completely normal.

After two hours of using warm water and blankets to heat the cat's body, her temperature was still dangerously low, so she was taken to the emergency room.

The cat's owners said they came home to find Fluffy in a hard-packed snowbank, as though the animal had been sitting in one spot for a long time while the blowing snow drifted up around it. A cat's normal internal body temperature is 38 degrees.

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Fluffy was found covered from head to tail in ice and snow.

Fluffy's survival comes after a family had a freaky Friday 13th encounter with a "zombie cat".

Clark says Fluffy is normally a little crabby, so when she began growling, he knew she would be fine.

The staff struggled to get an IV in her right away. The clinic said there were some signs of injury and they believe she couldn't get to her "warm spot".

Fluffy reportedly had been living outside the house when new owners moved in within the last couple of years and adopted her. This outdoor cat has certainly used up one of her 9 lives!

"Fluffy is incredible", the post said.

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