Fire at Flamengo training centre in Rio kills 10

Fire at Flamengo training centre in Rio kills 10

The one in the most serious condition is Jonathan Cruz Ventura, 15, who was admitted to the ICU of the Lorenço Jorge Hospital.

"I had the pleasure of knowing you, unfortunately an accident interrupted your dream", Gabriel Batista, a senior keeper at the club, wrote on Instagram.

In addition to the deaths, three people were injured in the fire.

Because of those heavy rains the football facility remained without electricity or water on Friday as the fire broke out, G1 reported.

"The air conditioner caught fire, and I ran out", said Felipe Cardoso, a midfielder with the under-17 side. Overhead images captured by an Associated Press drone showed a smoky, charred area of the complex.

There was no word yet on the cause of the fire and messages to Flamengo officials were not immediately answered.

Local media are suggesting the fire broke out in a dormitory where youth players sleep, but fire officials could not confirm that.

Landim did not take questions from reporters who were also outside the complex and gave no details about the players involved, but added: "The most important thing right now is to minimize the suffering of these families".

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Law enforcement officials in Brazil's second largest city say that at least 11 suspected drug traffickers were killed in a shootout with police in a slum located in the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood.

"We are extremely sad and shaken by the news of the fire", tweeted Chapecoense, a team in southern Brazil that lost 22 players in a plane crash in 2016.

After years of financial difficulties, Flamengo last year spent £4.7million to expand the Ninho do Urubu facilities.

The Ninho do Urubu, or Vulture's Nest gets its name from the club's symbol - a vulture.

According to Reuters news agency, the site features accommodation for young players, several pitches, an aquatic park, a gym, a medical centre and a mini stadium. Violence has worsened in Falled-Fogueteiro, where two rival drug trafficking groups fight one another, the report said.

Family, friends and fans gathered to pay their respects at a mass ceremony held in memory of the young players and staff lost in the Flamengo football club fire.


The Brazilian newspaper O Globo released pictures of the affected parts of the training ground on Friday morning.

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