'Leaving Neverland' Paints a Darker, Disturbing Portrait of Michael Jackson

'Leaving Neverland' Paints a Darker, Disturbing Portrait of Michael Jackson

"Leaving Neverland" director Dan Reed sat down at the Variety Studio at Sundance to talk making the Michael Jackson abuse documentary that's made waves since its debut at the Park City festival.

In it, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who met Jackson when they were children, reveal in graphic detail allegations that he sexually abused them when they were seven and 10.

Today's edition of Good Morning Britain saw hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid discussing the documentary with documentarian Louis Theroux.

"Because part of his persona was this quasi-messianic figure who would be surrounded with children". He's right on the first point, I think, but maybe not the second. "But I mean as naive as that may sound, a lot of that work will stand but it takes time".

The Daily Mail reports that Robson, 36, who later became a successful choreographer for N*Sync and Britney Spears, originally met Jackson after winning a dance competition in Australia and tickets to Jackson's show in Melbourne, where Jackson put him on stage when he came to the show again on the second night.

If karma is real after @Oprah is laid to rest, which I hope is many years from now, ppl will come out of the woodwork to lie on, betray and besmirch her name the way it is being done to Michael Jackson.

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Receiving silence from Susanna and Louis, Piers continued: "That was weird to me". Part two of the documentary concluded Monday night.

"Michael was subjected to a thorough investigation which included a surprise raid of Neverland and other properties as well as a jury trial where Michael was found to be COMPLETELY INNOCENT", the family said in a statement. Whether or not you believe this account, it's an unhappily ever after for all concerned.

"It's like hanging out with a friend that is more your age". He claimed a 30-year-old Michael Jackson later rewarded him with jewellery when he had finished raping him. "We would go buy them at jewellery stores and we would pretend they were for someone else".

The Sunday Times claims tracks by the iconic pop performer are no longer being played by the station - but the Beeb has insisted they don't "ban artists".

A representative for the BBC denied Jacko had been excluded from radio play.

While the BBC is not acting on any legal proof of the latest Jackson claims, its program department is using caution in its decision to stop playing the music of Jackson.

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