Trump derides Mueller probe, mocks Democrats and his former attorney general

Trump derides Mueller probe, mocks Democrats and his former attorney general

Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian Federation and whether the president obstructed the investigation.

Trump said Comey, who the president fired in 2017, was Mueller's "best friend", and appeared to complain that Comey should have been fired before Trump took office.

Trump's speech zigzagging from trade to immigration, the 2016 campaign to last fall's midterm elections, came against the backdrop of the collapse of his summit with North Korea and the extraordinary congressional testimony from his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen.

With the Mueller investigation reportedly coming to an end, Trump criticized the probe as a "collusion delusion" and said that political foes were trying to take him out with "bullshit".

In dramatic congressional testimony Wednesday broadcast across the world on cable and US network channels, Cohen turned on his former boss, using the big stage to describe Trump as a "mobster", "con man", "cheat" and a "racist". Monday night, Lou Dobbs claimed Democrats are engaged in a "search for a crime", and are "following the lead of Robert Mueller and the radical Dem corruption of both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice". "So I think the president is doing the right messaging on collusion, and then let Mueller report".

The judiciary chairman said he would initiate investigations into Trump for abuse of power, corruption, and obstruction of justice. "We're going to go into his finances, we're going to check his deals, we're going to check" - These people are sick.

Michael D. Cohen talks to the media after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee in Washington on February 28, 2019.

It seems that US President Donald Trump's legal woes are about to get worse as Democrat lawmakers in the US Congress have sent letters to individuals and entities connected to the US President demanding information from them.

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Trump also mocked the Southern accent of Sessions and criticized him for recusing himself from the Russian Federation probe.

In interviews with two dozen people in the small towns and villages south and west of Wisconsin's state capital, Madison, the upcoming report was met with frustration and exasperation, illustrating the dangers Democrats face with swing voters if they go too far on the issue.

President Trump capped a tumultuous week by reveling in the embrace of conservative activists Saturday, deriding investigations of him as "bulls--", repeatedly complaining about coverage of his crowd sizes and abruptly announcing an executive order to mandate protection of free speech on college campuses.

House Democrats also have opened up additional investigations against the president since gaining a majority at the start of this year.

Asked if he believed Trump obstructed justice, Nadler said, "Yes, I do". Cohen had been convicted, among other things, because of this hush money in December to three years in prison; the court had assessed the payments as illegal campaign financing.

The involvement of prosecutors from the Washington, D.C., US attorney's office and the National Security Division means those three cases - all central to the issue of Russian interference - can continue after Mueller hands his report to the attorney general, a move expected any time that will mark the end of his work. "Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress and a core function of the House Judiciary Committee".

Trump has accused them of bias.

Ray said there were "substantial constitutional questions" around ensuring that the president can conduct the affairs of his office without the kind of interference that such probes bring.

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