Tesla's new V3 Supercharger can add 75 miles in 5 minutes

Tesla's new V3 Supercharger can add 75 miles in 5 minutes

Combined with other improvements, the V3 Superchargers will cut the amount of time customers spend waiting by an average of 50 percent, with the typical charging time expected to drop to around 15 minutes.

An upcoming update will "prewarm" Tesla vehicle batteries when a driver draws near to a Supercharger.

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company's V3 Supercharger would be revealed this week.

The first V3 Tesla Supercharger station has gone online, bringing higher charging speeds to owners of Tesla electric cars who will now be able to add up to 30kms of range every minute.

Tesla is also flexing its software muscles with the new V3 Supercharger standard with a creative feature called "On Route Battery Warmup".

We should mention that Tesla is rolling out V3 Supercharging first for its newest vehicle, the Model 3.

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Regarding On-Route Battery Warmup, it ensures the battery temperature is optimal for charging when the owner navigates to a Supercharging station.

Tesla shared news of the next-generation V3 Superchargers in a rare official blog post and the über quick video below. Design-wise, V3 Superchargers look the same as V2, but come with a thicker charging cable. The Model S and Model X will experience an undisclosed increase to their respective charging rate "in the coming months".

Tesla is still testing the V3 Supercharger but expects to start installing them from next month in North America, and in Europe and Asia from the fourth quarter of the year. And though no commercially available battery now has the capacity, Tesla says the new Superchargers can theoretically restore 1,000 miles of range in an hour.

Tesla says that it has 12,000 Superchargers across North America, Europe, and Asia-and that 99 percent of the US population is covered by the charging network.

For those using the V2 chargers (which will also have an additional 25kW unlocked in coming weeks, totaling 145kW), the battery warm up will also improve charging speeds by 25%, according to the EV maker.

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