Lonzo Ball Shut Down For Season After Limiting LeBron James

Lonzo Ball Shut Down For Season After Limiting LeBron James

The Pelicans reportedly blamed the Lakers for leaking Anthony Davis trade-talk details that went insane and began the Lakers descend into the pit of the Western Conference. The trio has not been on the court together since Christmas Day.

But it's evident at this point that the trade talks either get more or equal blame for the team's lost season.

James' first year in LA has not gone to plan as the Lakers have struggled for consistency and the 34-year-old has struggled with injury.

The Los Angeles Lakers, after so many years without a top talent on the team, finally got one to come to town when LeBron agreed to a deal, but it nearly failed immediately when the franchise was ready to part ways with him in the first year.

Ingram was playing the best basketball of his career. Coach Luke Walton was tight-lipped Saturday on any further details, other than to say the third-year forward is out for the season.

Andre Ingram salutes the Los Angeles crowd in the Under Armour Curry 3. The Lakers, who play the Bulls on Tuesday, are short-handed; Brandon Ingram (deep venous thrombosis in shoulder) and Lonzo Ball (ankle) are not returning this season.

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James' comments echo the sentiment he expressed when discussing the possibility of being shut down for the rest of the season.

Forward Kyle Kuzma has also been plagued with ankle issues in the latter half of the regular season, missing multiple games in the process.

Ingram's upcoming stint with the Lakers was first reported by the LA Sentinel.

The Lakers' season spiraled in James' absence and they never recovered.

While this might seem insane, you have to consider the history of Jeanie who actually fired her own brother to help the Lakers franchise get LeBron James. If injuries had not persisted and chemistry not been thrown awry during trade deadline discussions, this season may have turned out a lot different.

With the Lakers all but out of the running for a playoff spot in the Western Conference, their eyes will now turn to the NBA Draft Lottery in May'. You don't trade one of the greatest players of all time because of a tough start, and you definitely don't to be petty.

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