Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

Today, Valve dropped a surprise update for the Steam Link app.

What Valve is doing with Steam Link Anywhere mirrors a lot of what's happening elsewhere in the industry.

This means you can play your Steam games on a PC not tied to your network.

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers

Valve has launched a beta for Steam Link Anywhere, the logical extension to its Steam In-Home Streaming which removes the "in-home" requirement and allows gamers to stream from anywhere to anywhere. That's because Apple has already rejected Steams attempts to get the Steam Link app into the App Store, saying that it represents "business conflicts" presumably because Apple is anxious about people playing PC games rather than those from the App Store.

Steam Link Anywhere faces the same infrastructure limitations as other streaming game services-you won't get anywhere without a fast, firm network connection-but if Valve can get the performance to a reasonably good level without requiring network speeds that 95 percent of the world doesn't have access to yet, it could be a very exciting step forward. You'll have to opt into the Steam client beta with the date of March 13 or newer, and then you can connect to any computer by selecting "Other Computer" from the search. Steam Link Anywhere is a new service and it greatly expands upon the previous functionality of Steam Link for Android. Prior to this, the app only allowed users to stream their game on an Android device connected to the same network as their host PC.

If you want to take advantage of this you'll be able to stream your games to an Android device, Raspberry Pi, or Steam Link hardware starting yesterday, with an early beta now available. It will be an important year this time around as Valve tries to keep developers from handing exclusivity over to the Epic Games Store.

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