Huawei 2018 sales top $100 billion despite U.S. pressure:The Asahi Shimbun

Huawei 2018 sales top $100 billion despite U.S. pressure:The Asahi Shimbun

However, the firm's carrier business, which supplies telecom infrastructure to much of the world, slipped 1.3 percent during the year after a 2.5 percent expansion in 2017.

Still, the official stressed, "We think it's pretty heinous, and that's after Huawei got to sand the edges off to make it less so".

Huawei is pushing aggressively for leadership in 5G technology, at a point in time where countries around the world are looking to roll out these next-generation networks.

"No material progress has been made by Huawei in the remediation of the issues reported last year, making it inappropriate to change the level of assurance from last year or to make any comment on potential future levels of assurance".

Huawei hit back earlier this month by filing suit in the United States to overturn a law that bars U.S. government agencies from buying the company's equipment, services, or working with third parties that are Huawei customers, crippling the company in the lucrative USA market.

For the first time, the consumer business acted as the most important source of Huawei's sales revenue, which came at 348.9 billion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 45.1 percent and accounted for 48.4 percent of total revenue. Huawei is also represented on the board by a deputy chair.

Separate to today's British report, USA authorities have also voiced their concerns that Huawei's equipment may be used by Beijing for spying or sabotage.

Despite that, Huawei's sales previous year rose 19.5 per cent over 2017 to 721.2 billion ($105.2 billion), according to Guo.

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The issue took centre stage at the press conference for foreign and global media at the company's Shenzhen headquarters. Huawei ended up selling over 200 million phones last year, and if early pre-order figues of the P30 series are any indication, that momentum is set to continue this year. The company's net profit hit 59.3 billion yuan, up 25.1 percent year-on-year.

Separately, China's commerce ministry said on Thursday that Japan's decision to curb government purchases from Huawei and ZTE Corp could hurt bilateral ties if Tokyo's actions are deemed unfair. The company has no publicly traded shares but started issuing annual financial reports a decade ago in an attempt to appear more open and mollify Western security concerns. In recent months, Ren has emerged from media seclusion to defend his company in a round of interviews, while top lieutenants showed off the company's technological capabilities and fought back against American criticisms.

If Huawei has a security problem, what exactly is it?

It is claiming more than 30 commercial 5G customers and says it has shipped more than 40,000 base stations.

Huawei is asking a USA federal court in a lawsuit filed this month to throw out a law that bars the Trump administration and government contractors from using its equipment.

The company has said the spying concerns are unfounded. "We have no motivation to commit suicide", said the company's chief legal officer Song Liuqing on Friday (March 29).

It had better repay the favor by fixing its software soon, because reports such as that issued this week just give the USA more ammunition.

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