State budget talks continue as Sunday deadline looms

State budget talks continue as Sunday deadline looms

"For far too long plastic bags have blighted our environment and clogged our waterways and that's why I proposed a ban in this year's budget", Cuomo said in a statement to The Hill.

A congestion pricing plan for Manhattan is taking shape, and lawmakers are still considering whether to impose a pied-a-terre tax for non primary residential luxury apartments in New York City worth over $5 million, or instead substitute a real estate transfer tax on sale of homes worth more than $5 million. Heastie says objections still exist to implementing a matching small donor program for statewide elections. All of Hawaii's counties ban plastic bags but it's not a state-mandated ban.

Several state legislators and environmental advocates called for a comprehensive single-use bag policy including a ban on plastic with a fee on all other carryout bags. So some advocates have criticized the NY plan for giving customers the option to buy paper bags, rather than ban them outright.

Supporters say the ban would help protect the ecosystem.

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California banned plastic bags in 2014.

The ban, which would go into place next March, is expected to be passed as part of the state's 2020 budget deal, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders said they had agreed to on Sunday.

EDUCATION SPENDING: Boosts public education funding by $1 billion to $27.9 billion, with more than $700 million of that going to the state's poorer school districts. In fact, a recent survey of our members found that approximately 16,773 tons of co-mingled plastic bags have been recycled by retail food stores. The goal, he said, is get people to move away from both paper and plastic and switch to reusable bags. As Ben Adler reported for Wired in 2016, a comprehensive 2007 Australian study found that paper bags actually have a higher carbon footprint than plastic-largely because it takes more energy to make and transport them.

Any legislation that aims to improve the environment, increase recycling and promote better consumer behavior needs to address paper bags. "Independent businesses are simply not able to absorb and adjust to new mandated costs the same as their big-box competitors".

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