Apple's next-gen iPhone will support two-way charging; Ming-Cho Kuo

Apple's next-gen iPhone will support two-way charging; Ming-Cho Kuo

Leave them out of the case without using them for too long, and they'll save battery by going into sleep mode.

A couple of weeks ago, Apple had unveiled its new 2nd generation AirPods. It's unclear when Amazon will announce the new buds, but sometime around August or September sounds reasonable.

The Powerbeats Pro have an in-ear ear hook design which means they have a more secure fit than the 2nd gen AirPods. They're still hard, white plastic, and they still come with a compact flip-top carrying case that doubles as the charger.

This H1 chip is the brains inside the earbuds, enabling the ability call up Siri using your voice.

Switch between the old and new AirPods and the first difference you notice is that the new pair goes louder. It has a wider dynamic range and offers noise isolation.

Indeed sound quality overall seems pretty much the same.

Though they look familiar, inside the AirPods 2 have made a big architecture change. It's important to remember that you'll have to use this dock to charge the Apple Watch, as the Qi-enabled wireless charging pad will not support it.

When they run out of juice you can fast charge them, with 90 minutes playback available in just five minutes. Samsung just rolled out its Galaxy Buds.

Kuo says Compeq will supply the battery boards and STMicro will supply Apple with the two-way wireless charging controller. Otherwise known as bilateral charging, the two-way wireless charging will allow the QI-based iPhones charge another iPhone or AirPods with a wireless charging case. Hell, the company is probably hoping you'll be walking into fancy gyms and seeing the Powerbeats Pro everywhere. If you're in a hurry, you'll definitely want to plug in the cable instead. That's just the pod-eat-pod world we live in, people.

Two years on from the original AirPods, meanwhile, battery replacement has shifted further into the spotlight.

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The earbuds of both products can be used as a standalone unit.

It feels like Apple has intentionally designed these new AirPods to not appear as an upgrade for current owners.

Kuo also predicted that Apple would be shipping AirPower in "late 4Q18 or early 1Q19". And, of course, you'd have instant access to Amzon's assistant. You can only assign one double-tap control to each earbud, which can be slightly limiting.

But, that doesn't stop me from talking about them now! Siri and two user-specified double-tap controls have proved inadequate replacements, particularly for those using the headphones while exercising.

You would have to pair the earbuds with a smartphone, as they'll have no built-in connectivity.

If you're wondering exactly how the Powerbeats Pro aim to "revolutionize your workouts", the answer is very simple - with a clean, straightforward, lightweight design and a new industry standard in ergonomics. It's now down to around 4-5 seconds, about half the time it could take before. After all, the refreshed AirPods are good but not great when it comes to simply playing tunes at the best quality available.

All the same, AirPods 2 certainly aren't ideal. It has a Lightning connector. Even if I can't now decide between navy and black.

In collaboration with Apple, Beats presents Powerbeats Pro, its brand-new wireless headphones, ideal for using at home, work, or during exercise. However they're also $249.95. They're also compatible with Android devices. But since the Powerbeats 3 are still available at around 200 bucks, that seemingly exaggerated price point actually makes ideal sense.

We don't know the price yet but we think it will be US$199.

Audio-wise, Beats say they've improved the sound.

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