Puerto Rico impasse blocks disaster aid bill

Puerto Rico impasse blocks disaster aid bill

Trump has repeatedly griped that Puerto Rico received too much relief money, while insisting he's done more than anyone to help the people there.

"Playing politics with disaster aid does a disservice to the people of Puerto Rico and the people of states like Iowa that are suffering right now from these floods", said Grassley.

But Democrats wanted even more money to go toward Puerto Rico, challenging Mr. Trump, who last month had complained that money was being wasted by officials on the island.

Trump attacked Democrats on Tuesday morning for opposing a Republican disaster-relief bill for victims of hurricanes, wild fires, and other natural disasters across the country that Democrats argued didn't include enough food assistance for Puerto Rico. The GOP measure would make Midwestern states eligible for more aid, and by blocking the bill, Democratic presidential contenders in the Senate are likely to face criticism.

After President Trump's theater-of-the-absurd, paper-towel-tossing visit to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Republicans in Florida - which is home to more than 1 million USA citizens of Puerto Rican origin - swept almost every statewide office in the 2018 midterms. Actual aid to Puerto Rico has flowed slowly from federal coffers.

"She was referring to the "$91 billion" Trump claims has already been given to Puerto Rico.

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Trump complained Tuesday that the Caribbean island is getting $91 billion in government assistance to help it rebuild from hurricanes Irma and the more powerful Maria, which may have killed almost 3,000 people, although the aid figure is a 20-year projection. "There's a lot of confusion over why the president would say this and what he understands and how he views the people of Puerto Rico". Of that money, $600 million would have been allocated to Puerto Rico for food-stamp aid.

Minnesota Senate Democrats frustrated that their proposals couldn't get a hearing in the Republican-led Senate on Monday, April 1, did just that.

"Puerto Rico has been taken care of better by Donald Trump than by any living human being". The vote total, which broke down largely along party lines, was 44 in favor and 49 opposed.

The Democratic alternative actually got more votes in the GOP-led Senate, though neither cleared 50 votes, much less the 60 needed to surmount a filibuster. I don't know if that is the root of his vindictive behavior towards Puerto Rico", Cruz responded, "but he's also insensitive and he's also prone to classic Donald Trump temper tantrums. "We have $29 billion to Texas and $12 billion to Florida for the hurricanes".

Puerto Rico's leaders pushed back against Trump on Twitter. "They have mismanaged and misused that money".

The $13.5 billion Senate aid package included $3 billion for farm disaster aid, as well as $150 million to rebuild rural facilities.

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