Senate's Republican majority looks to cut debate time on Trump nominees

Senate's Republican majority looks to cut debate time on Trump nominees

Republicans get a bigger majority in the Senate and Republicans win back the House of Representatives.

But the truth is that the Republicans do own the health care issue - probably any party in power would.

"What Leader McConnell, President Trump and Republicans in the Senate are trying to do is use the courts to adopt a far-right agenda that Republicans know they can not enact through the legislative process", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said shortly before the rules change.

The Hill reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told Trump on Monday that the senate would not vote on the president's desired Obamacare replacement before the 2020 election.

After discussing the issue with McConnell, Trump tweeted a temporary concession on the matter but pledged that a health care vote would be taken after the next election cycle when "Republicans hold the Senate & win back the House". In two years or so.

The vote to set a new precedent was just the most recent use of the "nuclear option".

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McConnell and Trump reportedly spoke about the health care law on Monday, which McConnell called a "good conversation". "We Democrats will not stop fighting tooth and nail to protect America's health care, today, tomorrow and on in through 2021". Democrats dwelled at length over the blockade that stopped Judge Merrick B. Garland from ascending to the Supreme Court in the final year of Barack Obama's presidency to angrily question how Republicans could complain about the handling of Mr. Trump's nominees. For the GOP in particular, though, its "repeal and replace" Obamacare dreams have crumbled, even after all of the party and Trump's grand promises.

President Trump had reportedly asked three Republican senators to take on the challenge of developing a new Republican healthcare bill, but these senators, John Barrasso, Bill Cassidy, and Rick Scott don't appear to know whether an alternative plan will be forthcoming. Schumer said Trump is essentially dangling health care reform over our heads by insisting "he has a magic plan that we can see if only the American people re-elect him", according to NPR. But that's only half true.

"I've been rebuffed for two years; not a single Democrat has been willing to join us", Lankford said.

What Democrats won't agree to is the actual things Republicans want to do on health care, which involve taking away coverage from millions of people, removing the protections the ACA provides and making the system much crueler than it is now. The core Republican belief about health care is that the government must become less involved in health care - but there's no way to do this without make people's plans worse, more expensive, and less accessible. The rest of Ohio's congressional delegation voted with their parties, with the exception of Niles-area Democrat Tim Ryan and Columbus-area Republican Steve Stivers, who were absent.

"Republicans should not run away from healthcare".

But other Democrats, McConnell said, indicated behind the scenes that they could support the rules change provided that it wouldn't take effect until the next administration. They want to let insurers offer junk insurance that covers nearly nothing. It said, look, I've talked to the president. We're doing it. It's going to be great and awesome and wonderful.

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