National Hockey League draft lottery set for Tuesday night

National Hockey League draft lottery set for Tuesday night

By missing the NHL Playoffs this season, the Wild will enter the NHL Draft Lottery and the team will have a chance to jump into the top three picks.

It's the second lottery win in three years for the Devils.

1 overall pick followed by the New York Rangers at No. 2. The Avalanche (with claim to Ottawa's first-round pick this year) had the top odds for the first pick but slipped to fourth.

Their slim chance going into the lottery Tuesday night paid off, and they'll pick No. 3 after jumping from the 12th slot based on records.

With Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko on the line, franchise changing talent the Detroit Red Wings are hoping for some lottery luck tonight in Toronto. They also won the 2017 lottery, moving up four spots before picking centre Nico Hischier.

It's the second time in three years that the Devils have defied the odds and wound up with the first overall pick.

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Starting at 8 p.m., the National Hockey League will conduct its annual draft lottery, as the teams that miss the playoffs wait in anticipation to see how high they can move up the draft board. In 2017, the Wings slid from seventh to ninth after the lottery.

While recent clashes between the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers don't contain the ferocity of their encounters during late-90s and mid-late 00s, the Hudson-River Rivalry is still alive and well, despite both teams being in the midst of rebuilding. The NHL re-draws for the second and third picks. The Edmonton Oilers confirmed that when his name was called first.

"I like to say I play like Patrick Kane a little bit, but I feel I'm more of a Mat Barzal in how I carve through the neutral zone, lug the puck, and find my teammates".

The Detroit Red Wings should be able to add an impact player through the draft, in this piece we take a look at the top five draft options, plus the ideal situation in the second round. Dating back to a year ago, the Avs gained the pick thanks to the Matt Duchene deal that sent the Senators' first-round pick to Avalanche. If he doesn't decide to trade the pick, the Blackhawks will make the selection at the NHL Draft in Vancouver on Friday, June 21st.

Kakko is an 18-year-old Finnish winger who scored 22 goals in 45 games last year.

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