Bernie Sanders Releases A Decade Of Tax Returns

Bernie Sanders Releases A Decade Of Tax Returns

The Vermont Independent has been forced to go on the defensive from Fox News, the Drudge Report and other conservative news outlets that have attacked him this past week as a "millionaire socialist" for his successful 2016 and 2018 book sales.

The context was Sanders' wealth - revealed after he released 10 years' worth of tax returns on Monday showing that he had been "fortunate" even as he pushed for a more progressive tax system.

Our Neal Goswami has been speaking with a political scientist and voters to see if Sanders' tax returns really matter.

Despite these allegations against CAP, numerous polls and totals from initial fundraising efforts show Sanders as a frontrunner in the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential candidate field.

The new records show Sanders' growing income and confirmed his status as a millionaire, largely on the strength of money made from book sales. "If anyone thinks that I should apologize for writing a best-selling book, I'm sorry, I'm not going to do it".

The increased wealth of the liberal candidate who has positioned himself as a champion of the people has raised questions about whether he can still speak for working-class Americans.

The Sanders campaign said those rates do not reflect charitable proceeds given from one of his books, which he did not deduct from his taxes.

The release also confirms that Sanders' income crossed the $1 million threshold in 2016 and 2017, though he reported less earnings in his most recent return.

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The New York real estate tycoon refused to do so during the 2016 campaign, saying that he was under audit, but the Internal Revenue Service has said this is no impediment to their release.

A number of other Democratic presidential candidates have released tax returns in recent weeks.

On Saturday, Democratic lawmakers gave tax authorities a final deadline of April 23 to hand over Trump's returns, but it remained unclear if his administration will comply. Sanders' campaign said in a news release that he paid 26% effective tax rate in 2018.

Sanders in his letter also singled out CAP's president, a close adviser to Clinton during the 2016 campaign, accusing her of hypocrisy and untoward "personal" criticism. In 2014, prior to his first presidential run, he reported an income with his wife of about US$206,000, according to his tax returns. The impact of his book contracts is most evident in Sanders' return for 2017, when he and his wife reported wages of US$139,549 and business income - most of it from books - of US$961,784.

Most other Democratic contenders have pledged to release their tax returns soon. Years ago my wife was a president of a college. Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee have also released returns dating back to 2007. Sen.

So far, those have shown that Harris and her husband made the most money, paid the most in taxes and were taxed at the highest rate.

It's tradition for presidential candidates, and most candidates for federal office, to release their tax returns.

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