There's a New Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in May

There's a New Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in May

Today, during the latest episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft announced a brand new mode of the Xbox One, named Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Under the picture of the console you can see that the initial bundle will include three popular games; Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

All-digital: Rumors that Microsoft has been working on a disc-less Xbox One S console have been circulating quite a bit lately, and photos of the machine were leaked mere days ago.

Gold subscribers also get access to Games With Gold offerings, a set of freebie games that changes monthly (similar to what Sony does with its PlayStation Plus program).

According to Microsoft, some Xbox console owners have requested that Microsoft combine both the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions into a single plan. It looks the same as any other Xbox One S with the important distinction that there's no drive slot on the front. Everything else about the Digital Edition is the same as the regular Xbox One S, including support for 4K HDR output. So my hope is that Microsoft offers lower costs with longer Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions as we get closer to launch: The service isn't expected to become publicly available until "later this year".

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The company also announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this morning, a combination of the Xbox Live Gold multiplayer subscription and Xbox Game Pass for $15.95 a month. "At Xbox, we're inspired by gamers - they're at the centre of everything we do".

Pre-orders for the console are already open. The public launch is planned for 2019 "in current Xbox Game Pass markets". It's cheaper by $50 than the standard Xbox One S at $249, and it'll arrive in stores on May 7.

Hard to believe, but we're coming up on two years of Xbox Game Pass.

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