Rumour: Next-gen Xbox to be ‘more advanced’ than PlayStation 5

Rumour: Next-gen Xbox to be ‘more advanced’ than PlayStation 5

For the first time since entering the gaming market, Sony is skipping this year's E3, so any more news about the system will likely be reserved for its PlayStation Experience event or new State of Play streams, assuming the company plans on revealing it this year.

Interestingly, Cerny revealed that devkits of the new console have already been put in the hands of game developers!

The PS5's CPU will be based on a third-generational refinement of AMD's Ryzen line. Introducing this to the system will allow games to load at times we haven't ever seen. Currently, the new console is being referred by Sony as a next-gen console instead of deliberately calling it the PlayStation 5.

According to the author, among the games now under development for PS5 (and probably Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox Scarlett) we find Grand Theft Auto VI, the new Assassin's Creed ( codename Assassin's Creed Legion ), Battlefield Bad Company 3 of DICE is the new mysterious Harry Potter game produced by WB Games. Despite dropping all these details, he did not reveal when we will be seeing the new console although most people believe we will have to wait until 2021 to see it.

Sony will equip the PlayStation 4 successor with graphics cards that provide support for ray tracing giving the players a more realistic connection to the environment of the game.

The graphics of the machine will bring AMD Radeon Navi that supports Ray Tracing technology, which is a virtual graphics technology and is becoming popular in the gaming industry. Now that PS5 backwards compatibility is confirmed, I still probably won't get around to playing any of these PS4 games, but I can't blame it on console limitations anymore.

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The PlayStation 4 architect reported that audio is one area that Sony could boast about with the alleged PlayStation 5.

If the claims of the aforementioned "insiders" turn out to be true, then the upcoming Xbox will pack even more power and impressive specs than what the PS5 has in store.

Sony hasn't announced an official price and release date as of yet.

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Gamers can look at previous PlayStation prices for clues on the new console's cost, though.

The Xbox One launched at $499, $100 more than the PS4, and, much like the generation before, the console with the higher price point struggled out of the blocks.

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