UK's Labour divided over whether to back new European Union referendum

UK's Labour divided over whether to back new European Union referendum

Labour's party conference has already demanded that the party should seek a second referendum with Remain as an option, and Labour's national executive committee will determine whether the policy will feature in the party's election manifesto shortly.

Backbencher Jess Phillips said: "I think people who voted Remain and voted Labour will not vote Labour again".

BBC political correspondent Nick Eardley said pro-referendum Labour MPs seemed fairly happy with the NEC's "fudge".

"We are fleshing out the details to see how far the Government can move towards us and then we will be able to ascertain how far we are able to move towards them", she said.

One option Mrs May is thought to be considering will be to hold a series of "indicative votes" in Parliament to find out which alternative would have the most support.

Many Labour members wanted the party to make its agreement to any deal conditional on it being put to a public vote - what Labour calls a "confirmatory ballot". "The party should commit to bringing whatever Brexit deal is done back to the people", Ms. Parker said a day after a list of 118 MEPs and MPs signed a letter backing a public vote on all proposed Brexit deals.

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Mr. Corbyn has instead kept a policy of holding a referendum against a "Tory Brexit", or no-deal Brexit, aimed at appealing to Labour Leave voters.

Jeremy Corbyn is under increasing pressure to back calls for a second referendum.

Change UK, which includes in its parliamentary ranks former Tory MPs Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry, is only set to win 10 per cent of the national vote, but beating the Tories in London will be seen as particularly damaging for the Conservatives, especially when the breakaway party was only officially registered by the electoral commission on 15 April.

Mr. Corbyn, who now has support of 22 of the 39 NEC members, has been resisting efforts to shift Labour's stance to supporting a "People's Vote" in all circumstances, affording him the support of Unite the Union, the UK's largest trade union.

"So I left to walk to the NEC where the document will be available and the decision will be made".

De-facto deputy prime minister David Lidington told Cabinet that talks on Monday were "serious and constructive".

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