Sri Lanka police grant time to hand over illegal weapons

Sri Lanka police grant time to hand over illegal weapons

Pakistani Christian and Muslim students carry placards and candles as they pay tribute to the Sri Lankan blasts victims, at St. Marys High School in Lahore on April 23, 2019.

"Considering the current situation in the country, we have reviewed the visas system and took a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious teachers", Abeywardena said.

Reacting sharply to Sri Lanka Army chief Mahesh Senanayake's statement that some of the 12 suicide bombers who carried out the Easter Sunday bombings were trained in Kashmir, a top intelligence officer in Srinagar said that there was no input to prove the claim.

Sri Lanka was also receiving global help, with foreign intelligence services working alongside their local counterparts, Senaratne added.

Police and troops across the country had recovered small quantities of explosives, guns, swords, daggers and kris knives, Gunasekera said.

In the wake of the attacks, Sri Lankan authorities, last week, banned two different local Islamist groups, including the National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ), and the splinter group Jamathei Millathu Ibrahim (JMI).

"Importantly, Sri Lankan security agencies themselves have ruled this out after investigation", a senior official in the security establishment, who did not wanted to named, said.

Sirisena also said in an interview he believed Daesh was behind the April 21 attacks, which targeted churches and luxury hotels and killed more than 250 people including 42 foreign nationals.

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It's been two weeks since Sri Lanka witnessed a bloody Easter Sunday on April 21 that killed almost 263 people- that Catholics of the island nation again observed Mass on Sunday from confines of their homes.

He said at least one police officer will be assigned to each school for this objective. Private schools, including Catholic institutions, remained closed.

"We are trying to see if there are any more secret IS cells in the country", he said, using an acronym referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group.

For Monday, May 6, the government had chose to resume lessons in public schools.

There were more cancellations than bookings for hotels on the island following the Easter bombings.

Eye witnesses to Sunday's clashes said that they began with a scuffle between Catholic and Muslim three-wheel trishaw drivers in Poharathota, a Muslim settlement.

There were at least 42 foreigners among the 257 killed, while some 480 were also wounded. "People are enjoying peace and they neglected security".

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