Britain To Vote In EU Parliament Election Despite Brexit

Britain To Vote In EU Parliament Election Despite Brexit

His party is locked in talks with the government in a bid to reach an agreement on how Britain will leave the European Union that will get through Parliament.

Theresa May's deadline for Britain leaving the European Union has slipped again after the government set a fresh target for her Brexit blueprint to be approved by MPs.

"I think this is a time when we have to be willing to make compromises on all sides because the message of last week was that voters for both main parties are very, very angry about the fact Brexit hasn't been delivered", Mr Hunt said.

The head of a powerful Conservative committee is due to meet May Tuesday to deliver a demand for "clarity" about her departure date.

The pressure on her position continued to mount as an official announcement about her failure to avoid European elections was quickly followed by continuing deadlock over Brexit talks with Labour.

The news came as Mrs May officially accepted she can not get her Brexit deal through Parliament in time to avoid European elections on May 23.

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"She needs to be given a date".

Senior Conservative and Labour lawmakers are meeting to see whether they can reach a compromise.

"And then, whoever is leader of the Conservative Party can then lay out their stall as to the next instalment of negotiations".

Quits of her own accord: The BBC's Norman Smith says there is no way the PM will "walk away" right now, but this could change in the aftermath of a "catastrophic" result in European elections.

Nevertheless John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said on Friday that any customs union would need to be permanent and warned No 10 that "to get any deal over the line you've got to recognise there will be a large number of MPs in parliament who actually do support a public vote".

Dinah Glover, a Tory activist whose petition triggered the EGM, told the i newspaper: "The party at the moment is in absolute meltdown because they are terrified she is going to do a deal which will do damage to our country".

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